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2003 Pontiac Sunfire BaseReview
Ran322 writes:
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Fun Car! —

I've owned this car for 6 years and I still like it tremendously. There have been a few problems with it. There were some recalls that I was unaware of until my tail-lights kept burning out and melting. But when I took it to the shop, they fixed it and the other 2 recalled parts and it's been fine since. I enjoy driving it. It handles well, though I'm a fairly sedate driver, so that may be just me. The cup holders in the front are something I'd like to change, though. They're fine for cans, small drinks and some medium sized cups, but the large 44oz and up tend to bump into the radio tune knob and change radio stations. Update 5/19/15: I gave this car to my daughter when I finally bought my Firebird. After having it for 2 years, she had an accident with one of those brick mailboxes. The car, of course, was totaled, but she walked away unharmed. The air bags did their job well, and even though she hit the mailbox with some force and the front end was crushed, she was not hurt. So, I add to my review my thoughts on the safety of this car in an accident. If I could buy another Sunfire, I'd do so with no reservations.

Primary Use: Family transportation

Pros: Surprisingly, for a 4 cylinder engine, this car has a lot of "get up and go". The gas mileage is pretty good, about 28 mpg on average.  Comfortable seats. Decent amount of room in the trunk.

Cons: Leg room in the back seat can be an issue for people over 5" 5'. It's hard to change the bulbs in the headlights. The fuel pump was very expensive to replace, around $700.

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2003 Pontiac Sunfire Base Review
Jamie says:
vs2007 Mazda MAZDA3 i Sport
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Handling Ranked 2007 Mazda MAZDA3 i Sport better.
"Smaller vehicle and sits lower"
Cargo Capacity Ranked 2007 Mazda MAZDA3 i Sport worse.
"Trunk has much more room, even back seats have more space. Mostly because the Mazda had a hump between two back seats, where the Sunfire was all 1 seat"

Displaying 11 - 12 of 2003 Pontiac Sunfire 12 reviews.

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the overall dependability of this vehicle has been very good i would how ever recomend if you buy one to look into any factory issues it may have or had to see if they have been repaired or not as it ... Read More

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