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2002 Land Rover DiscoveryReview

Fantastic All Rounder —

What cars can drive the best B roads in Wales at speeds to rival a sports car, and then drive home along byways with warning signs saying 'unsuitable for motor vehicles'? Well, that's exactly what we did last week in our 2002 Discovery Adventurer LE. It's brick like shape does not look like it'll go round a corner well, but despite not having ACE, our Discovery with it's 18 inch alloys and air suspension means it handles amazingly. It's also pretty fast once the turbo kicks in, but up until then it's as slow as a tractor. Off road the Disco 2 will hold it's own against a Defender. It's got all the gadgets, hill descent, low gears, and air suspension. Most importantly though, it has a massive ground clearance compared to our Freelander which means it'll happily drive along deep ruts with ease. Inside it's very comfortable and the two sunroofs make the cabin feel light and airy. The boot is huge but the back seats feel slightly cramped. In my opinion the Discovery 2 is one of the best looking 4x4s, especially the later models with the facelift headlamps and updated front bumper.It certainly has more character than the latest Discovery 3! Nothing has gone wrong on our Disco yet, but we haven't had it long. From what I've heard though it is one of the most reliable Land Rovers, so fingers crossed.

Pros: Looks great, handles great, great off road

Cons: Erm, not much!

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