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2002 Citroen C3Review

My Citroen C3 1.4 Sx — well the 1.4 engine does have a good pick-up on it, the pedel hits the floor and you actually move! the brakes are amazing, perfect when going round atight corner to fast! and the steering is also pretty good! buying it second hand and the only problems with it was a few scratches here and ther where the previous owners just hadn't looked after it properly! simple but feminine looks! good-ish fuel economy, when you drive sensibly! and very fun to drive! Great little town car!

Pros: most things

Cons: pathetic little unimportants

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2002 Citroen C3Review

My Little Pride And Joy — not a bad little car, had it for nearly 5 years now, have had 1 accident in it so from new it has had 1 new front end, 2 injectors replaced, 6 new tires and 2 sets of new brakes.

Pros: miles to the gallon

Cons: seen better days now

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2002 Citroen C3Review
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Can't See Why You'd Buy One Unless You Like Its Looks Or Find An Awesome Deal. —

LOOKS/STYLE: This is, in my mind, a car that's all about looks. When it went on sale this car dared to be (slightly) different and it was in fact funky and stylish. Some even said this was a spiritual successor to the iconic Citroen 2CV, though I think that was a massive exaggeration. Despite finding its looks interesting, perhaps even cool, at the time, it hasn't aged that well. Also, I thinks it's a feminine car, if there is such a thing. If you look around at who drives these cars you'll probably get to the conclusion that it's mostly women. DRIVING IT: Let's talk about driving this car. As always, remember that I'm talking about my experience with this particular car I drove, as other C3s might be different. It's not that much fun to drive. It doesn't produce much body roll but it definitely does not inspire you to push it hard while cornering. It is not nearly as comfortable as you would probably expect from a Citroen product. In my opinion the seats are to blame as they are a bit too hard for this type of comfort-oriented car. The late Citroen ZX for instance, is much more comfortable. Yes, I know the ZX was at least a category above when it was launched, but considering how along ago that was, and how most cars have evolved, you'd expect the C3 to be at least as good as the ZX, if not better. The engine feels weak most of the time, and has to be revved hard in order to keep the car going, which can be noisy. The steering gives no feedback whatsoever. Pedals feel spongy and produce some awkward sounds as though something was about to go wrong. The clutch pedal makes a squeaking sound like one of those rubber toys with a whistle. The brake pedal makes some strange clicks like if you were stepping on cracked egg shells. Having said that, the brakes do their job fairly well (they have ABS and turn on the emergency lights when you brake hard). But the WORST offender, by far, is the gearbox - it is so notchy that changing gears makes it seem as though you were poking around a bag of rocks with a stick. INTERIOR: The all interior is rather "plasticky", and the plastics are of bad quality, the kind you'd expect to find in some toys, not a car. They are too hard and look and feel cheap. This is particularly true for the ones covering the middle/lower part of the dash and the doors which have an unappealing dot-rugged texture. The upper part of the dash is covered with better looking, more solid, plastic, but only just. Some parts on the inside of this particular haven't aged that well, with some of its plastics showing a lot of wear and even starting to peel off or changing their color. Such is the case of the door handles for instance. Most controls are well placed and easy to use, such as the stalks behind the steering and the one on the central console. The cool air vents are still stylish and the most noteworthy bit in the cabin, as well as practical to use. The steering wheel, thought not pretty (seems like a concession to the old Citroen oddity), is nice to grab and handle. The gear level is nice on the eyes, which makes it an even bigger shame that the the gearbox is a dog's dinner. The footwell is a bit on the tight side and the pedals are small. This wasn't a problem for me as I'm a not big guy. This actually made it easier to perform heel-and-toe downshifts. The digital display isn't my cup of tea and the rev-counter, with its very small red gauge over amber lighting, is almost impossible to read clearly. As I mentioned before, the seats are a bit on the hard side. They aren't very ergonomic despite the front ones having multiple adjustments and even individual retractable arm supports for the driver and passenger. One final note, but important point: the windscreen gives you a feeling of distorted view, as though you were using glasses that weren't prescribed for you. At first, I thought this was just my impression, but I've since noticed many other people complaining about this on the web.

Primary Use: Commuting to work

Pros: Its looks, if you like it, which I don't!

Cons: Poor handling and interior materials. Could be more comfortable if it had better seats.

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Displaying all 3 2002 Citroen C3 reviews.

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