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2001 Honda Prelude 2 Dr STD CoupeReview

Behold, The Batmobile! —

I remember purchasing one of the last available 1996 Preludes (a Milano Red Si)before the next generation arrived (at the time, I really did not care for how the new one looked). Although I loved it, after three years and 80,000 miles I traded it in for a 2000 Accord coupe...which was nice, but not as athletic as the previous car. In August 2001 I found myself adding a 2001 Prelude (base) coupe in Nighthawk Black Pearl after I heard that the 2001 was the last year for this model (I wound up alternating between using it and the Accord because I had to commute a total of 80 miles per day to/from work). I was trying to get it in silver or blue, but did not complain at all when the dealer tracked down a black one. And my opinion about the styling was changed - the tall headlights do look a little menacing in someone else's rearview mirror -- and I almost feel like a certain DC Comics superhero behind the wheel. Consider the credentials of this car, based on a early/mid-1990s Accord platform: a 2.2-liter four-cylinder engine that outputs 200 horsepower (thanks to variable-valve timing derived from Honda's Formula racing technology), a fairly slick 5 speed manual transmission, and steering that almost makes this feel like a rear wheel-drive car. It manages to get anywhere between 24-29 mpg (25 in mixed driving). I certainly don't do clutch/tire-burning launches but I've seen 0-60 mph acceleration times (published in various auto magazines) ranging between 6.9-7.7 seconds. Not too shabby, ehh? I paid this car off in five years, and considered maybe replacing it with something newer and more practical. But after 114,000 miles it is still running nicely, and I get so much fun out of it that I think I'll be holding on to it for awhile longer. If Honda revives this car someday I'll definitely have to check it out.

Pros: The engine springs to life after about 5000 rpm as the valves take larger breaths of air (yes, in order to have the most fun with this car you basically "drive it like you hate it"...but even during sedate driving around curvy roads, the handling is very good for a car in this class). On the highway, you rarely need to downshift in order to pass slower traffic.

Aside from a new clutch at 50000 miles and periodic brake work, absolutely no surprises when it comes to unscheduled maintenance (my Accord, on the other hand, needed a replacement automatic transmission before 60000 miles, and the alternator died about 10000 miles later while I was on Route 280 near Newark).

Cons: Premium fuel is required (nothing that I would even complain about except for the recent skyrocketing in gasoline prices).

The engine runs well over 3000 rpm at highway speeds in 5th gear (would be nice to have a 6th but I can't complain).

There is not much pizazz in the interior compared to the previous generation (I once had a '96 Prelude Si and the interior design was definitely more attention-getting). But I got the optional imitation carbon fiber trim and it helps a little.

In cold conditions (below 45 degrees F), noticeably more squeaks and groans when stopping and moving from a stop.

Maybe it's just me (or having to drive in NJ/NY) but I find myself in need of brake maintenance every 1-2 years.

Honda discontinued this model and I'm still trying to figure out what to replace it with when that time does finally come around.

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2001 Honda Prelude 2 Dr Type SH CoupeReview

Best Handling Car I Have Ever Owned. — Of the six cars I have owned, this is definitely my favorite. When this body style was originally introduced in 1997 I didn't really like it, but I think it has aged very well. I have not had any serious issues with the car, other than a tendency to burn a little more oil than I would like. This is apparently a problem with all of the H22A engines and it does not detract from my enjoyment of the car in any way. It could use more power, but all cars could use more power! I plan on keeping this car as long as possible.

Pros: Great handling, good power, smooth transmission, sleek styling, Honda build quality.

Cons: Low to the ground (see handling above), back seats too small for adults, burns a little oil, that's about it...

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2001 Honda Prelude 2 Dr STD CoupeReview

Very Fun Car To Drive. — Very enjoyable. Nice interior only good for about 2 people though. Any chances of tuning for a turbo the engine will need many extra mods such as sleeves.

Pros: braking, acceleration, handling,

Cons: pricey tuneability options

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Displaying 21 - 23 of 23 2001 Honda Prelude reviews.

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