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2000 Nissan MicraReview
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I Wouldnt By It Even As A First Time Car. But Its Grand If You Want The Basic's, Best Go For Fiesta —

I've always had my doubts about the Nissan Micra. Never took a liking to them. Today i drove my first Micra hopefully it will be the first an last Micra i ever drive. Performance: Well i suppose i cant dull it too much, The acceleration is good for its year achieving 50km after about 30-40 seconds. That is with a normal acceleration ie. from a red light. I must say im not sure if its a nissan thing or what but i found getting the car into 3rd gear was quiet the challenge. something im not used to comparing to other cars. Braking: The Braking was pretty weak on this car, although its passed its NCT/MOT on this section you would still want to be breaking early. several occasions today i had to push a little bit harder when approaching a junction/roundabout unlike my normal easy non stress braking. Handling: Really let this car down. m going to start with the Steering wheel. Im not sure if its a aging thing or just a terrible design in the car but going down the road i was getting distracted because i was able to twist the rubber around. to me i thought steering wheels were suppose to be solid. this was like play-do stuck together. I suppose yes in the instance of an accident your face might not receive so much damage but still as i say i was getting distracted while driving playing with this should be steering wheel. The handling of the car was pretty alright going around the roundabout i thought it stuck to the road well. but it was a very wobbly ride down the car was shaking side to side and kind of pulling which is something you really dont want(could be just this Micra, but i know from my own Atoz light cars aren't the best). wasn't too bad on the dual carriage way but bumpy roads it does not like. Build Quality: Well the doors are strong and not tinny which is a good start but the car is kind of light designed for city driving. Has this car needed repairs im not sure but you will have your general wear and tear or items of a 12 year span. The Ignition barrel did however need to be replaced which is something which seems to be common throughout Nissan cars IMO. Squeaks and rattles i didnt really pick up on them. kinda zoned out because i hear them everyday due to our bad roads. if i was to count i could probably pick nearly every corner of the car and tell you there was a squeak there. Appearance: A Box! Not the nicest of looking cars imo but everyone to their own taste. the Smallest i would go is a Saxo which i have yet to drive. the Interior is not too bad basic for what you want. Styling car needs a Rear spoiler over the back window gives it a bit of flavour just too dull. Cost of ownership: Well for a 1.0Liter its economical. doing about 4km's and probably only using about €2 petrol very light in my opinion comparing to the same engine size in a '07 Maintenance, bar you key barrel just your normal wear and tear but it all really depends how you drive the car. Going to rev the bejaysus out of it well there is going to be a list of stuff to repair after you. Fun Factor: Internal Error Has Occurred! Well for me tis the dullest car i have met but hey your not me you may actually enjoy it. Few Extra's words. I must say the front seats are the most uncomfortable things you could possible meet. There so flat that its like sitting on wood but they have a bit of cushion which is not too bad. I did like the indicators very smooth.

Pros: Not much indicators and the handling at the roundabout

Cons: The Seats very uncomfortable.

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2000 Nissan MicraReview

My Little Nissan — I don't care what anyone says about my car. I love it, its comfortable to drive, It may only be a 1.1 but it goes up Aston Hill (or w/e its called!) in 4th gear at 40 mph! So shhh! Its a cute girly car, its more bubbly than anything. Its my car and I LOVE it.

Pros: Its cute and bubbly

Cons: The third gear gets stuck every now and again!

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2000 Nissan MicraReview

A Sportier Looking Bubble Car! — I had one of these as a courtesy car while my bog standard 1.0 Micra was being serviced. This one was a 1.3Si and was much more fun to drive, it looked a lot nicer too - the spoiler and alloys made it look a lot less girly!

Pros: Great fun to drive

Cons: It's still a Micra

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Displaying all 3 2000 Nissan Micra reviews.

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