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Practical And Performance Above Expectations. —

LAST UPDATED: January 3rd, 2013 . This is my everyday car. I've owned it from new and I consider it to truly be my first car (I had an used Opel Corsa 1.5D for about 2 weeks which didn't pass muster), so much of my driving experience comes from driving it. . It's practical and its performance is above most people's expectations. Like most small Fiats, it's surprisingly good fun to drive. . This is the commercial version, with all the disadvantages that implies for someone who doesn't use it for that purpose. PERFORMANCE: . Its 80 hp might not sound like much but the well tuned gearbox and good torque delivery (196 Nm) means you hardly ever find yourself in trouble. It provides really strong low-speed acceleration. . It sips fuel even when driving hard. It averages 5,5L/100KM. If you try hard, you can get down to 5,0L/100KM or a little less. . This was, one should remember, the first direct-injection common-rail engine in this car class. The traditional diesel clatter is there but does not bother passengers inside the cabin. HANDLING: . Handling isn't what you'd call sporty but it's good fun. Its natural tendency is to understeer but only in extreme situations. When the opportunity comes up you can get some oversteer with a "scandinavian flick". . The suspension is a reasonable compromise between stability and comfort, with independent McPherson strut, coil springs, telescopic dampers and anti-roll bar at the front and torsion beam axle with coil springs at the rear. The setup is mildly stiff and low-speeds bumps and potholes filter through to the cabin. It's advantage comes up while cornering, even if the car rolls a bit. . Brakes are pretty good, particularly considering it doesn't have ABS and, something I consider important, they have excellent feedback and are progressive. . The clutch pedal is a bit on the heavy side. . The gearbox is well tuned and crisp so you can easily engage gears swiftly and with no grinds. . This was the first Fiat model to feature the two-stage "DualDrive" electrical power assistance steering, which is now widely used in various Fiat models. Many criticize it for not providing much feel when in normal mode but I don't think its any worse than other electrical power assistance steering systems. LOOKS: . Personally, I have always liked its styling (the 3 doors version) and still do. It's simple, yet slightly aggressive, something the 5 doors version lacks, being more family-oriented. I strongly dislike the face-lifted version that came out in 2003, which looks more bland and reminds me of Korean car design of old. How ridiculous that the Italians should have decided not to follow their own path as regards to style! INTERIOR: . The interior isn't exactly a looker, just plain and simple, but quite ergonomic. Indeed, it has some of the most ergonomic, well-laid, controls I've ever used. . The instruments display is simple and easy to read. The trip computer (one of the first in this car class) is good, providing typical information: odometer, trip odometer, average fuel consumption, range, average speed and trip time. When starting the car it also shows the engine's oil level (only in diesel versions). . The interior is roomy and there are enough storage compartments but with no lining, which means possible scratches and irritating noises. It also has various places with slots for cards and coins, which is handy. . It has good all-round visibility except for the slightly obstructive rear quarters. . It has a huge boot (trunk), having only 2 front seats. COMFORT: . Seats are very supportive and have plenty of adjustments, such as lumbar support (something the more recent Punto Evo, for instance, is missing). Also, the height adjuster actually adjusts the height of the seat, unlike many other cars in which it acts only on the cushion. . Steering column is height-adjustable. . With the "DualDrive" power steering, mentioned above, at the press of a button ("City") the steering gets so light that you can actually use a single finger to turn the wheels. This is great in the city (dah!) while parking or doing three-point turns. Truth be told, you'll be making this sort of maneuver more often than you'd care for - blame it on its slightly wide turning circle. . Engine noise is never really a problem inside the cabin, but it is more noticeable from a cold start. . It has a few parasite noises, like the squeaking clutch pedal and rattles from plastics, but that's only natural for a 12 year old cheap car. . The heater/ventilation system is nothing to write home about. Mine does not have air conditioning, and although I'm not a fan of using them, they certainly come in handy in some situations. RUNNING COSTS AND RELIABILITY: . It's cheap to run: maintenance hasn't been expensive (knowing a good friendly mechanic does help). . There have been glitches along the way, but mostly minor things like, for instance, water getting inside the rear lights (about nine years after having the car though). . Only once did it break down on the road because of a "simple" engine sensor. Replacing it cured the problem instantly. . The MAF (Mass airflow sensor) has been replaced twice (at 63.000 km and at 182.000 km), which is a common thing in turbocharged cars, particularly diesel ones. One of the symptoms that may indicate you need to replace this component is the occasional sudden lack of power followed by everything being OK again. . The dashboard LCD panel was replaced at 177.000 km. Digits started "going crazy". This same issue happened on my mother's Punto 1.2 8v. . None of the previous batteries (3) lasted long, which is why it has been replaced with a larger capacity one (75A instead of the previous 45A). Despite being almost twice as expensive and taking up more space under the bonnet, it has made a difference in the way the car starts up, which has become smoother, and I hope it will last much longer. . About 3 or 4 pre-heating glow plugs have had to be changed, due to normal wear and tear. . It seems to "eat" low beam light bulbs - several of these have been replaced. . The front lights covers are fogging up. . The steering wheel has started, after 12 years and when the weather is humid, to peel. SAFETY: . Driver airbag only. . Seat-belts with pre-tensioners. . As I mentioned before, it has no ABS. OTHER POINTS: . The rear window wiper has one single speed and no intermittent mode. . It's sometimes hard to fill up the fuel tank fast, because the fuel pistol keeps stopping. The solution is to hold the pistol upside down! . The headlamps have the “follow-me-home” function which, after turning off the car, allows the lights to stay on for a while, useful when you park in a badly lit place. It's just a detail, but truth is even few top cars at the time had that feature. SPECIFICATIONS: . Engine: 1910cc inline 4-cylinder 8v with turbocharger (with intercooler) . Power: 80 bhp @ 3000 rpm . Torque: 196 Nm @ 1500 rpm . Engine location/alignment: Front/Transverse . Drive: Front wheel drive . Layout: FF . Transmission: 5 speed manual . Weight: 1040 kg . Power-to-weight ratio: 13 kg/bhp . Wheels: 185/60 R14 - currently fitted with Bridgestone Turanza, but my favorites are the Bridgestone Potenza RE720 which are no longer available in this size. PERFORMANCE: . Top speed: 170 km/h (106 mph) . 0 to 100 km/h: 12.2 s . Standing kilometer: 34.20 s . Average mileage: 5,42 l/100km

Primary Use: Commuting to work

Pros: Performance above expectations.
Practical and economical.

Cons: Some problems/glitches during it's life, but mostly simple things to repair.
It's the commercial version.

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Displaying 21 - 21 of 21 2000 FIAT Punto reviews.

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