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1999 FIAT BravaReview

Fragile Italian Piece Of Art For Short-term Use Only —

Attracted by the fancy exterior looks, I bought this car back in 2005 which by the time had suffered through six years and roughly 100 000 km.The 80 SX version belonged to the new updated Bravo/Brava series, manufactured between 1999-2001, which featured a reworked 1.24 liter 16-valve engine with a hefty 80 horsepowers. From a demanding customer's viewpoint, this car hasn't lived up to the expectations of a Maranello's prancing horse. The lack of performance is noticeable even in city conditions, but becomes obvious in the countryside. The 1.24 l Punto-based engine lacks torque, which precludes flexible use of higher gears. Though advertised as economical, the forced use of over-high revs together with the surprisingly heavy body mass results in a mixed fuel consumption that averages over 9 l/100km. The car suffers from both longitudinal and latitudinal lack of grip, with especially cornering being a pain; the initial steering response on slippery surfaces is non-existent, after which a sudden delayed peak of oversteer kicks in, making the maneuverability somewhat challenging and dangerous. At high speeds the nervous steering makes momentarily freeing of hands impossible. On the positive side, the brake pedal response is fairly accurate and sensitive, making tire locks somewhat easier to predict in the absence of ABS. The biggest drawback is caused by the reliability, or rather, the lack of it. Since 2005 the following parts have been renewed: front dampers, over arm support, track rod, battery, left-side painting, cambers (readjustment), headlights, cooling tank cork, engine cover (re-grinding and isolating), cylinder plugs (twice), tightener, water pump and driveshaft joint, with the overall costs exceeding 3000€. The car has failed on road twice, both as a result of a broken driveshaft axis joint and of an inaccurate fuel level measurement. Additionally, the car has refused to start in a number of occasions, for example due to a sudden discharge of the battery triggered by the automatic lock system. During moisty weather the engine has a tendency to die at starts due to failure in keeping prudent idling rpm level, which temporarily was fixed by adding moist remover liquid to the fuel tank. In absence of liquid to add, one is forced to keep extra idling throttle on whenever the clutch is engaged, which requires learning of a less pleasant left-foot braking technique (not recommended). In addition to the aforementioned, there are several more or less severe malfunction areas. For some reason the battery initially outputs decreased voltages in cold (arctic Finnish) conditions, causing electrical equipment such as windshield wipers to work in slow-motion; a problem most probably related to a faulty battery charger. As a result of the low ride height, the plastic cover floor is especially damage-prone as even the slightest elevation may lead to flooring. After a few heavier ground touches the plastic floor support structure eventually failed, which was successfully fixed by applying a home-made wire construction to keep up the floor. During summer 2007 the car suffered from a fatal leak in the liquid cooling system into the engine and cylinders, caused by a deformed engine cover (Finnish: kannentiiviste). The suggested reason for this was a charge leak from the battery, which together with exterior moist corroded, eating its way through the engine segment, something which arguably could have been fixed with zinc plates (?). The above issue also led to extra air intake into the cooling tank, due to which manual cooling system venting was performed a couple of times, something that can't be recommended due to its tediousness. The latest problem involves a rather odd reaction, causing the cylinder plugs to fail one at a time, eliminating cylinders from use. Surprisingly, even with three cylinders active the car stays drivable, although this slight artifact limits the top speed to roughly 100 km/h and causes a somewhat increased engine resonance. Another lately appeared nuisance is the fading of pixels in the inbuilt radio lcd screen. Spare parts are available but expensive, which encourages the use of "home engineering" whenever possible. The car has suffered from two minor accidents, on which basis it's too early to comment on safety level... In conclusion, a lackluster looking car with even more lackluster inner life. Stay away.

Pros: Passed inspection twice, shifting works without clutch, 5 gears, works with 3 cylinders without stalling, European car of the year 1996

Cons: Insufficient steering lock, flawed weight balance contributing to understeer especially on slippery surface, over-responsive power steering without centering spring force, loses idling calibration in moisty conditions, inaccuracy in fuel tank level measurement, underestimated ride height in bumpy conditions..

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1999 FIAT BravaReview

Great Fun On Twisty Roads, Comfortable On Motorways — Good level of interior trim, seat fabric hard wearing. good performance from the 1.6 engine offering perky acceleration and good cruising speeds. will see off most other 1.6s and will keep pace with some 2litres.

Pros: its great fun to drive

Cons: the injectors can be prone to need replacing, bu this is an easy job.

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Displaying all 2 1999 FIAT Brava reviews.

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