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1998 Pontiac Sunfire 2 Dr SE CoupeReview
Mel writes:

My Baby — great car when she decides to work. no major problems as of yet... knock on wood...

Pros: She's cute, and pretty good on gas

Cons: A/C never works, had fixed 3 times in 1 summer...

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1998 Pontiac Sunfire 2 Dr GT CoupeReview
Kevlar writes:
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Good Looking Sporty Commuter. —

I like the fact that they still look as good today as the first day they were introduced in 1995. They have a great variety of aftermarket parts available and there seems to be enough parts to make them better then they were from the factory so there are many different ways to build these cars. To me the Sunfire Coupe is what the GTO, Chevelle, Mustang, Camaro are for younger generations to buy and customize as they are cheap to buy and again there are lots of parts available so it leaves you to your imagination to do what your tastes desires. They are stylish enough to want to own one and can look amazing when they are built or customized with keeping shot lines straight and the use of body filler is kept to a minimum or if they are just maintained properly. What I dislike is that they were built for the cheaper car market so the build quality was not as good as it could have been to save build costs for GM to pass the savings on to the potential new car buyer. The filler neck for the fuel is behind the right rear wheel and is prone to rot after a short period of time so I recommend using the rubberized rocker guard and spraying them well to prevent rust . Also I feel that there should have either been a seal or gasket and/or shield stopping water and mud being pushed around the fuel filler cap and into the filler door. This would stop it from running out around the door/opening causing extensive rust over a period of time.

Primary Use: Family transportation

Pros: It is a terrific little sporty commuter and is still very good looking after being introduced nearly 20 years ago.

The Sunfire coupes are great for finding aftermarket parts and customizing. Still relatively plentiful and not too expensive to buy.  

Cons: The build quality could have been better and they are not cheap to fix especially if you have to pay a garage their shop rates.

I also feel that they could be better on gas but there are also parts on the market to help with this along with making sure that the O2 sensor is working properly as that will eat at your fuel economy in a hurry.

The water pumps are known to go and on the GT models the engine has to be removed from the car to be able to get at it to be replaced. It is a minimum $821.00 and can cost up to $1131.00 to fix as there are other parts that usually need replacing when the pump goes and are (GM) only parts.

It pays to shop around for the right car and always ask about the repair history as well as receipts for the work or it could get expensive. "These cars are getting older and if they were not maintained properly then it is to be expected".

"When buying I strongly recommend you check  the rocker panels and look for any signs of rust as these cars have been known to break in half if the rockers have been destroyed by rust".

If you see any signs of rust poking up around the rocker moldings (right and left side) ("on the regular coupe") walk away because it means that the rust has already eaten through the rocker where you can't see and has probably destroyed the inner structure.

It is roughly ($967.00) per side to fix minimum if the whole outer panel has to be replaced and the inner structure is needed to be repaired.

The GT is harder to check due to the size of the body molding. You have to  reach in directly behind the molding on both sides and you want to do it in front of both rear wheels and behind the front wheels and or try to look underneath to see signs of rust and again if the rockers look rotten walk away.

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1998 Pontiac Sunfire 2 Dr SE Coupe Review
Derrien says:
I luv it for an 2 door it was the best 2 door i have ever been in
vs1998 GMC Sierra 1500 C1500 SL Standard Cab SB
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Displaying 31 - 33 of 1998 Pontiac Sunfire 33 reviews.

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