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1998 Lexus SC 300 Review
lexmaxx says:
i love this car. I picked this car up when it was 15 years and 120 miles old. It could use a paint job but other then that it is the best driving, riding, handing, power and comford car. I have had two new well appointed cars but this used Lexus SC300 is hands down a better car.
vs2008 Honda Odyssey
1998 Lexus SC 300 winning categories:
  • Power
  • Handling
  • Looks/Style
  • Front Seats
  • Back Seats
  • Cargo Capacity
  • Family Car
  • Value
  • Would Buy
Looks/Style Ranked 2008 Honda Odyssey worse.
Back Seats Ranked 2008 Honda Odyssey better.
"When I say better I mean for my back but thats all."
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1998 Lexus SC 300Review
fidel writes:

Excelent — only tires and brakes replacement.It is a pleasure to drive.Plenty of pick up and easy to operate.Great looks and positive interior.MPG not exceptional and uses premium gas but well worth it.No squeaks or rattles.Seems to almost never in need of repair or replacement Original Panasonic battery replaced after eleven years. Has 7000 miles and will probably keep it for that many again.

Primary Use: Commuting to work

Pros: terrific looks,performance.low maintenance

Cons: cramped back seat,not good in ice?snow

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1998 Lexus SC 300Review
blissfullyfla writes:

Keeps On Ticking — this car is a workhorse. it never says die. i can't find a reason to get rid of it..... in fact i will be replacing the exhaust (after a bad borrow by my brother...don't ask..) and loving it for as long as it stays with me. that car always has my back

Pros: reliability

Cons: climate control

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1998 Lexus SC 300 300 RWDReview
Cory writes:

A Hidden Gem! — Amazing car. In high school, I wanted to buy one but they were way out of my price range. Now that I finally own one, I have to say I plan on keeping it until it's completely un-driveable. Great engine (Supra's 2JZGE), solid chassis, almost too comfortable (makes me sleepy on long trips), killer sound system (Nakamichi option). Smooth, wide power band, predictable handling (although more body roll than I would like) and decent "road feel" give it a sporty demeanor, while the plush interior and ultra-quiet ride definitely says premium brand. Only real downside is the cost of parts - although maintenance is fairly easy, it seems like the price of every component has been gouged severely to take advantage of the well-to-do (I'm not one of them). Even the gas mileage exceeds my expectations (I average about 2-3mpg above the EPA est). If you're in the market for an entry-level luxury car with some track ability, the SC is definitely worth your while.

Pros: Killer engine, solid handling, luxurious ride and interior, ultra-low maintenance, good gas mileage, sexy looks.

Cons: Expensive parts, light steering, tad too much body roll.

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Displaying all 1998 Lexus SC 300 reviews reviews.

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