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1996 Lexus SC 400 Review
AnotherRide says:
vs1993 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class
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Looks/Style Ranked 1993 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class better.
"Classic style and familiar contour that makes it look more sturdy."
Back Seats Ranked 1993 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class better.
"Better Recline and more room"
1996 Lexus SC 400 400 RWDReview
Russ writes:
Back Seats:
Cargo Capacity:
Family Car:
Fuel Economy:
Front Seats:
Maintenance Cost:

It's Modern Today Because It Was So Far Ahead Of It's Time! —

This is the second SC400 I own, and it's even better than the 1992 model I own. As with my first review, the "One of the best cars ever built" line still applies, maybe even more so! This car set the standards of what cars are expected to do today and completely dumbfounded BMW, Mercedes, and Audi when introduced. My car has 120K miles on it, still starts on the first try, drives like a dream, and still looks fresh, unique, and modern even 20 years after being introduced. The engine may seem underpowered by today's standards but few will want for more and passing power on the highway is outstanding. Interior ergonomics are excellent, all controls are intuitively placed, and the visibility from within is excellent. The power tilt-telescopic wheel with memory does it's dance when you start the car and reminds you what a treat you are in for! The most telling feature of this car is the fact that every power feature still works - the power windows, mirrors, tilt-wheel, power locks, the seat heaters, the cruise control, A/C controls, everything! I've owned 5 year-old GM and VW vehicles that have had more than one of these fail! These cars are one of the best kept secrets on the road and can be had for next to nothing! If you are a do-it-yourself type you'll find plenty of knowledge on the "ClubLexus" forums that can keep your SC rolling forever. These cars do have a couple of weak spots, like any car. The gauge cluster bulbs and the needles burn-out over time. Both are easily repairable by companies like Lextech, among others. Another common problem is the power steering pump lines, they leak over time and are directly over the alternator which shorts when flooded with fluid. Keep on top of the hoses and you'll have no problems. Also, watch for worn lower control arms. When the bushings are needing replacement (every 125-150k miles) you need to replace the entire lower control arm and they are a bit pricey, about $400-500 each. Interior window trim around the door glass can get fragile with time but replacements for most everything inside are still available from Toyota/Lexus. With such a small V8 you'd expect better mileage but 18/25 seems to be the norm, although 97-00 cars got slightly better mileage with the variable-valve-timing along with more horsepower. Popular upgrades to these cars include bolt-in Supra Turbo engine and brake conversions, HID retrofits, LED lighting upgrades, Supra 6-speed conversions, and much more! If you are looking for a 2-door car that will start every time, make you smile every drive, is supremely comfortable, is built with the strength of a battleship, and will still turn heads this is the best choice for you!

Primary Use: Commuting to work

Pros: Durable luxury, silky powertrain, terrific road car, very safe, built like a tank, still turns heads and generates compliments...

Cons: Thirsty, cramped back seat, passenger seat is trophy-wife sized, head clearance an issue for those 6-footers, some rarely needed maintenance is expensive...

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1996 Lexus SC 400 400 RWDReview
Mick writes:

Brilliant — Wow. Nice looking motor! I would recommend this car to anyone so long as they don't mind spending a tonne of money on fuel! 4.0 ltr V8 but ooh it does sound nice... It's 15 years old and has a touch screen TV on the dashboard with SatNav built in. Unfortunately it's a Jap import so everything's tuned to Japanese but I'm slowly getting it all converted.

Primary Use: Family transportation

Pros: Rarity and performance with all the luxeries.

Cons: Can suffer with electrical problems and window mechanisms go quick.

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Displaying all 1996 Lexus SC 400 reviews reviews.

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