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1993 GMC Sierra C/K 1500Review
Rob writes:

My Truck — this is a great truck. fun to drive, but lacks in performance. no doubt its not made for it...that v6 is not built for speed. its made for towing and just to be a work truck. after being an alliant energy truck for 15 years its hard to fight it. 85000 miles on it and no running problems whatsoever.

Pros: Solid

Cons: Slow

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Sierra C/K 1500

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Reviews From Other Years

1998 GMC Sierra C/K 1500 Reviews

Great Truck By Kyle

I love this truck. GMC has great quality of trucks. The performance is great. It has a 5.7L V8 engine and I love ever liter of it. ;) It is a 4x4 off road and works perfectly when taken off road. Read More

98 Gmc Sierra 1500 Z71 By Kyle

I want another GMC Sierra 1500 extended cab z71. I really like my old one and wish I didn't end up totaling it. I decided I will buy another one of these some day and just keep it the rest of my li... Read More

1997 GMC Sierra C/K 1500 Reviews

Recommended By Robert

It was a great truck. 20mpg, from her VORTEC 305. I am ashamed to say I broke it. It was not rated to tow 9,000 lbs 1,500 mi. All in all I would recommend this truck to any one, even if had 30... Read More

Jacked Up By Justin

Performance is great. Interior is like new, Leather burgundy interior, all pwr options, etc. gas milage sucks, but very worth the cost of driving it. It's great off road. It has straight pipes all the... Read More

1996 GMC Sierra C/K 1500 Reviews

Best Truck I've Owned So Far By Andrew

most reliable truck so far, it will keep going and going as long you take care of it, i've beaten my truck up nearly everyday and it has held up pretty well. i've had this truck since 2005 and it had ... Read More

1995 GMC Sierra C/K 1500 Reviews

Loving My Z71 By Vildobottomdiva

not really much to tell except it my everyday driver and occasionally I might take it through a mud hole but very seldom. I have had 3 of these trucks and they all have carried me 20 plus years as lon... Read More

Its A Good Truck By countryboy

I really like this truck. Its built really well and runs excellent. It still needs some work but I think this is goin to be a great truck. It is hard on gas but hey, its a 4wd, not a toyota. ... Read More

1994 GMC Sierra C/K 1500 Reviews

Great Truck Eye Catcher And Its Southern Comfort By jamesjeter

nothing just its a little big for my taste and you touch the gas and it goes with that 5.7 liter v8 so its fast lots of torque plenty of power just not all that great on gas but has no ac so tat shoul... Read More

Overall A Good Vehicle. By Johnathon

Very good and reliable truck. has its moments when it wants to run weird. gets decent gas mileage. Is a nice looking vehicle. well built. fun vehicle to ride around in. beat a 4th gen camaro in a drag... Read More

Have you driven a 1993 GMC Sierra C/K 1500?