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1993 Ford E-250Review
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I Love My Van! — It has a lot of "cosmetic" issues. Still the best money I have ever spent on a used vehicle, including the 1989 Taurus LX I had- tranny went out 2 years in a row on the exact same date both years, A/C leaked and it was always something with that thing, in addition to car payment and higher insurance and tabs. So even though tranny on van is kaput right now, hoping to get it going again soon.

Pros: It goes and goes and goes... for a geriatric vehicle, it has been obscenely reliable. Starts great.... ALWAYS, even down to -35 degrees. Driver's seat more comfortable than those Mercedes sedan I used to evaluate.

Cons: Just timing... MINE. I expect it to need repairs now and then, and once or twice a year I replace something... U joint, starter, serpentine. Just always seems to happen when I am low on funds. Not the van's fault, just my timing sucks with everything- except the day I bought the van.

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