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1991 Rover 200Review
Ollie writes:

My First — its an ok car i guess its ok for a starter car, its huge inside and has lots of room, cheap to run and repair. its fun to drive and an experience. lolts of laughs in it and hopefully lots more till i can afford a better car

Pros: reliable

Cons: old, ugly

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Reviews From Other Years

1999 Rover 200 Reviews

Rover 200 1,4l 55kw By Algis

Great car, quickly reaches 50kmh, poor on stopping, short gears, easy to handle in a parkinglot. Perfect for lerning drivers, as i mentioned, easy to move around in a parkinglot. Fun to drive, agile c... Read More

Vi Version By Suraj

Great handling,performance for a n/a engine is good,average braking like all britain cars build quality,great Exterior appearance need to be work out,no need of body kit very fun car to own both as an... Read More

1998 Rover 200 Reviews

Quite Quick By Julian

Quite a fun car, best one i've owned, relatively quick, economy not bad. No rear room. A few issues with interior build quality. Has never let me down, still managed to cover 200 miles with a misfir... Read More

Rover 220 Sdi By Dai

the sdi engine is a powerfull engine and it is solid, but the car will fall apart around it :(, the handling isnt too hot , and the electrics aint upto much , but it is economical if you want it to ... Read More

1997 Rover 200 Reviews

Good By Alex

fast for a 1.4 8v i. but in the grand scheme of things, its slow. interior is nice. and there are plently of after market parts to customise it without spending too much. reliablity hasnt been an issu... Read More

Fun Little Car By Jacky

Good preformance, fast acceleration, poor brakes no abs handeling is pretty good . The build quality is good, problems with engine gasket . Expensive parts, good milege per galon/ fun car to drive. go... Read More

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Awesome First Car Easy To Modifiy By Alan

pretty awesome for a first car !!!!!!! quite good on petrol , alright on insurance only group 4 , over all i think its qite a good car , quite good to drive nice sharp steering , makes driving like... Read More

Its A Rover By Jason

nice little car its a rover the engine is sweet and reliable its a rover say no more and yes its a rover and its white and it starts it has four wheels and thats it basiclkly oh and seatbelts and seat... Read More

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A Cheap, Cool And Comfortable Car But Don't Push It Much! By Carlos

A beautiful version of the 200 series, with nice wheels, sunroof and leather. However, all the rest is the same... It's a fast engine but it's goes away fast, too... like in the other Rovers 1394cc i... Read More

1995 Rover 214 16v Si Review By Jamie

good on fuel, parts are still easy to get hold of, high reveing engine, good lines bad points are that it has a week cylinder head causing the head gaskets to blow, but will be ok if looked after ! re... Read More

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