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1991 Renault 19Review
Darius writes:

The 16v — Great car especially the 16v version. The gearbox could have been better as it's to week for the engine. Although it has arround 137hp the engine only has 128nm which is't impresive comparing to the 1.7 8v engine which has 109nm. Overall it's a great car to drive and still can outrun modern cars.

Pros: good engine and handling

Cons: lack of parts

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1991 Renault 19Review
Zvonimir11 writes:

Rev Happy, Spacious And Quick Old Compact — Under 3,500rpm it an ordinary car to go to work every day. Very tender and very easy to drive. Over 4,500rpm, it's a car that can do 0-100km/h in just 8.2 seconds and take a hard turn even with a hardly pressed throttle, short or long one. It's boot is big enough for two people to take everything they need for a summer vacation. And with seats down, it's boot can take big 82cm old CRT TV packed in a box with no problem and boot closed. Fuel consumption is excellent. On a freeay, after 160km/h it gets thirsty consuming more than 8 liters / 100km. Original Speedline alloys still looking good and stock seats are unbelievable good! Wish I could buy those with my next car...

Pros: Rev happy engine, excellent handling, consumption under 10l/100km, spacious boot, cheap tyres (195/50R15), electric sunroof, strut bar, rust prone and best seats I have ever sat in

Cons: Reliability can be problem. Wheel barings and suspension problems. Also radiator and ABS pump problems. Replacement parts are usualy low quality, genuine spare parts good but very expensive. Could have more torque and low revs.

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Displaying all 1991 Renault 19 reviews reviews.

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