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1991 Jaguar XJ-SReview

Love It! But Them I'm Biased, Its My Most Fav Car In The World! ;) — Very fun cars with imo a fantastically unique look. Performance - I have the 4.0l with a 0-60 currently of 6.9, although I hope to mod the engine one day. Build quality - well mine has been bought as a project car so I cant really comment as I am expecting poor quality, for its age tho it is not too bad, although its a far cry from todays XK's standards!! Cost of ownership-Not as much as one thinks! I do a nice steady 80mile a day 95% motorway trip to work, and I am currently returning around 27mpg, so it costs me currently about £15 a day in fuel. Maintenance isnt too bad if you dont mind getting your fingernails dirty - although I dread to think what garages and main dealers would want to charge. Parts are pretty easy on the main to get hold of, good base of suppliers, especially in the midlands. Insurance - well for a girl its pennies (this girl early 20s including uk and euro breakdown and uk and euro insurance and cover to drive others cars and 3 points is less than £500 a year!), lads usually a lot higher...

Primary Use: Commuting to work

Pros: Everyone looks at you!

Cons: If you cant cope with a proper sized bonnet!

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Truly A Luxury Vehicle With More Than A Little Nostalgia. By catzpro

A certain person buys a Jaguar and you feel that when you drive it. You are in the club, a VIP, a secret society of members who just know what you know. Not sure of it is the racing history or the "ah... Read More

My Xjs By Ryan

I loved the design but It was a pain in the ass because it was low to the ground. But I had a large straight six so that was fun! I turned head but usually people that were middle-aged or older. Read More

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Amazing Piece Of British Engineering By William

the xjs is an amazing car you can get super car performance for the price of a small used four cylinder I personaly have the 4.0 straight 6 cylinder engine model. I would however recomend getting the ... Read More

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Top Down And Ready To Drive By mtrimmins

This is a rare find - not many made with the manufacturers 5 speed manual transmission. Has a superb look and the color is an eye catcher. Drives well and easy to manage in traffic. Looks great the... Read More

Good Purchase 18 Years Ago With No Regrets By paulshashaty

The car has been really good to me over the years. The finish needs some cleaning up, but for an 18 year old car it looks great. I expect it to look a lot better after I do a good cleaning and polishi... Read More

1992 Jaguar XJ-S Reviews

Beautifull Looking And Riding Car By parklinerich

I pretty much summed it up already. It is a beautifull looking and riding car. Just take it out for a ride and stop for coffee you will not get out of the parking lot. Everyone wants to look at the ca... Read More

Budget Luxury Supercar With All The Toys. By Andy

able to keep up with all but the fastest, or most modified cars costing god knows how much more. 4 litre straight six able to be tweaked and still maintain 28mpg or more on long motorwaty cruising. od... Read More

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Mint Xjs Convertible By Stuart

A lovely old thing even at 12mpg. This one has been polished and pampered all it's life, a lucky find that will do very nicely for touring down to Italy from time to time. 2 seats, big engine roof dow... Read More

If You Engineer 50% Of The Jaguar Out Of It, It Becomes An Awesome Car. By Ozzie

Performance- The acceleration sucks because they weren't smart enough to put an overdrive transmission in it and made up for it by putting super high gears in it. Top speed should be OK. It handles ... Read More

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