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1991 FIAT 126Review
Thomas writes:

Fiat 126 — Hmm... how do i start this off... First of all, this car was very popular in Eastern Europe back in the days of the cold war and communism all that good stuff... Its a interestng Italian micro-car, many of these have been built in Poland under licence from Fiat. Its defiantly not exactly up to todays standards... Anyway many members of my family have owned this car, so i got to drive one a few times in rural areas. Its a neat piece of history (to me at least) Only reason i give it 2 stars and a average rating is because of its novelty/history and interesting design (since its so unique)

Pros: Cheap, gets like a gazzillion Miles per gallon (equivalent), very easy to repair... so easy a Caveman could do it... or a baby.

Cons: Slowest car iv ever driven(it has only like 21 or 26 hp... i cant remeber),Complete death trap, you do not want to be in this car in any sort of accident. the other car ALWAYS wins. As i said, its not up to modern standards. It was designed before reinforced light metals with crumple zones, seatbelt and airbags!

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1992 FIAT 126 Reviews

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