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Mom writes:

Lumina Van Has Served Me Well. — Last night I hit a big deer with my 1990 Lumina APV van. Sob. Love that van. It has always run well. What's not to like about driving a 16 year old car that always starts. I mean we've had our little problems over the years, but we're way out ahead. Believe it or not, I still have collision on it. The hood is cracked and has little tufts of fur coming out of it. Maybe a few Grateful Dead stickers will cover them up. Anyhoo, probably won't get squat for it. I'm so sad. This has been a great vehicle to move our daughter in and out of college every year. I was hoping to get 2 more years out of it, then throw a party! They just don't make 'em like they used to.

Owner for 16 years, 6 months

Miles Driven per Year:9,000

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1990 Chevrolet Lumina Euro Coupe FWDReview
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1990 Chevrolet Lumina Euro 2 Door Coupe / V6-3.1 ~ Sporty Cruiser — It's a nice comfy ride with some sporty features.... has potential to be a head turner. It seems relatively easy to work on. The rear spark plugs are hard to get to but can be accessed by rotating the engine forward... but even then... I like the V6. My experience is that it gets good gas mileage and is durable when cared for. The timing chain is it's achilles heel. If it breaks... the valves get wrecked. It would be a good idea to get it changed at about 100K miles. The Overdrive transmission is smooth and a pleasure to drive. The Brakes are excellent and are good for a smooth stop, or an emergency lock up as well. It has a relatively smooth ride. Mine always gets compliments for that when driven by others. You can get these cars for a song. With just a little Love and Care, the '90 Chevy Lumina Euro Coupe can be a Fun and Enjoyable Ride to Fix Up, Dress Up, and Cruise any type of road in.

Primary Use: Commuting to work

Pros: Sporty with a decent comfortable ride. Feels like it has some nice power. Good Breaks - 4 Wheel Disc. I very much like the Overdrive Transmission. Lots of Trunk Space.

As an experienced electro-mechanical technician, I believe this car is relatively easy to maintain and repair, and well suited to the amateur mechanic.

Cons: On the 3.1 V6 - The Timing Chain... if it breaks, while the engine is rotating in any way, by starting, or running... the valve train will get wrecked, and it's a difficult job to do, or an expensive job to get done. Get The Chain before it Gets You!

For a car that's supposed to be sporty... the primer-grey, dull, boring, practical, unimaginative, interior is a drag to drive in. It's like one of those non-decorative motel rooms you stay in while traveling, and are thankful to be spending only one night in. Except this motel room you'll be taking with you everywhere you drive. Dash lighting is a bit dull too over the odometer. Unless your car is blessed with a Heavy Duty GM Alternator, an Alternator upgrade is the way to go. Otherwise you may find your lights dimming and such, when you use the flashers, or stop at red lights with the engine in drive, or if you have one of those whomping audio systems. The car definitely needs an Alternator upgrade I would like it to have a voltage guage and a better alternator.

I believe the rear transverse leaf spring tends to give the car a saggy bottom and a stiff ride in the rear. Fortunately, Moog sells Spring Helper kit, K6000, for just such an issue. The Kit will get the cars' butt up, but will also make it a stiffer ride.....

Getting in and out of it is a bit difficult for any size person. Small people will have a challenge getting comfortable while buckled up. If you have a bad back, maybe a bit stiff, with several fusions, like I am... it will be even more difficult or uncomfortable, especially getting out. I think that's due to it's somewhat low profile. I like the car well enough to discount that issue, and I like the sportiness of the coupe. Which leads me to say that the doors on the coupe are long and large and heavy, like the old school car bodies of the '60s and '70s. I don't mind, again, because I like the look, but others may find them difficult to work with.

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Displaying 11 - 12 of 1990 Chevrolet Lumina 12 reviews.

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