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1989 Ford Bronco IIReview

Strong Bronco For A Non-broncos Fan — Very fun to drive, just not in snow, although it handled well. The 1989 Ford Bronco II was not built for performance as it was for power, but it did have a lot of power. It was fun to go 4-wheeling in, and was fun when people would jump out in front of me, I could just intimidate them.

Pros: power, 4x4 capability, spare tire, excellent in snow

Cons: Transmission and motor gave out after a year of ownership

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1989 Ford Bronco IIReview

A Little Tipsy, But Not Thirsty For More Gas — With 188,000 miles on it since it rolled off the factory, twice totaled and twice repaired the truck continues to roll on...In the good way. Short wheelbase can get in and out of tight places and 4x4 can pull itself out of some sticky situations. Slow down around those turns though!

Pros: In-and-out of tight places other 4x4's may struggle,  built solid,  excellent ground clearance,  decent mpg,  large gas tank  (fill up when gas is lower and pass them by when they're on the rise)

Cons: Top heavy / tipsy, slightly underpowered with 2.9L V6, clutch needs some getting used to.

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1989 Ford Bronco IIReview

A Late 60's Dirty Old 4x4 Hiding Inside A Small, Late 80's Package — I like it. it suits my lifestyle of biking/boarding, I've even moved couches and beds with it (on the roof rack). A large percentage of these that I see driving around are fixed up to some extent. That's because they are a really decent little vehichle, and fairly rare. It seems like everyone who has one likes it. I would describe it as an enclosed, 4-seat dune buggy. It is a stiff, bouncy ride, but a ton of fun in snow, and the perfect winter city vehichle.

Pros: Simple - the only thing power is the steering
Proven - Aside from the EFI, this suspension design is the same as Ford made in full size in the 60s
Fits into almost any parking spot
Excellent (and fun) winter vehicle, even with mediocre tires
It's an SUV, but not a behemoth

Cons: Apparently they are known for rollovers..... but come on, what SUV isn't
kinda gutless - I need to rebuild a motor, this one has 300 000+ kms
Loud on the Highway

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1989 Ford Bronco II XLT Plus 4WD Review
GuruDWF31 says:
great car would recommend fast plenty of power for this year!! gerat family space and cargo perfect for camping
vs1989 Ford Bronco XLT 4WD
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"great price just better in every way"
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Displaying 11 - 14 of 14 1989 Ford Bronco II reviews.

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1990 Ford Bronco II Reviews

Strong By codyreece96

I like all the accessories that are available for this vehicle and the four wheel drive capability this little thing will go anywere. its very safe compact quiet and good on fuel very large gas tank a... Read More

If You Can Get One For Cheap Do It... By Brandon

Great in snow, terrible power, terrible gas mileage, and has a high roll over risk only because of small stock tire size. but if you put a truck tire on like a 235 or 30's it will get you anywhere. Read More

1988 Ford Bronco II Reviews

Great Car By NobleW

This car gets decent fuel economy and handles very well. If i had the money the mechanical tlc would be a higher rating. But despite that its great that i can slowly replace and fix the parts that i n... Read More

Great Truck For College By Greg

In '95, I purchased a 1988 Ford Bronco II that got me through the remainder of college, grad school and into my first couple of jobs. I went to college at Pitt Johnstown, so we had Lake Effect Snow f... Read More

1987 Ford Bronco II Reviews

My Favorite. By Julio

I love my B2. It's very reliable. It's clean. Not fast but very torqey. Took me to Florida and back (excess of 4k miles) Has all the features of a lot of new cars and a couple extra. Overall my favori... Read More

Not For Wife And Family; Especially With Manual Transmission By Frederick

great power and fuel economy ( I had the 2.9L v6 with CV joint driveshaft to rear) Thing I didn't like was the short wheelbase (easy to spin in 2x4) and clutch was very touchy, since it and transmiss... Read More

1986 Ford Bronco II Reviews

Over All Good Machine! By Colin

this BII was unstople has a off roader,had that thing swamped on many occasions and it never quit.for its compact size it had decent cargo capacity. good ride and decent handling,the 4x4 was great in ... Read More

I Love It By andiesbronco2

its a lot of fun but it can be hard to deal with sometimes because its top heavy and the transfer case will go into nutral sometimes when you hit a bump but mine is a 1985 ford bronco 2 v6 4x4 with a ... Read More

1984 Ford Bronco II Reviews

I Wanna V8 By Wolfknyte

My very first vehicle was an '86 Bronco II. I have had 5 of them in my lifetime thus far. This will be the first time I have had the gumption to start really modding one out. I plan to put a lift o... Read More

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