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1988 Toyota Celica All-Trac HatchbackReview

1 Of 2,500 To Make It To The Usa — good car needs a rear diff

Pros: turbo all wheel drive disc brakes

Cons: air/liquid top mount inter cooler easy to upgrade though

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1988 Toyota Celica GT-S ConvertibleReview

My First Car - The Car I Learned Mt On - The Bucket Of Bolts Everyone Loved. — My first car and also what I learned MT on. All my friends loved this car. Despite having a good engine, it was in the shop all the time and was falling apart, but it was at the center of many adventures and good memories.

Pros: -260k miles and the engine ran like a top. Gotta love Toyota.
-Drop top.
-Not much power and FWD but it didn't complain when thrown around.
-Great lines for its age.

Cons: Was really old and it showed. Looooots of little and medium problems.

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1988 Toyota Celica GT HatchbackReview

Not Enough Power But Other Performances Are Very Good — I had it for 4 years or so and was very pleased to drive that car. This car had a great handling with original springs cutted 2 inches lower, damn it was stiff on the road but it was handling like a kart! (I cracked the frame too for that reason!)

Pros: great handling with original springs cut 2 inches, damn it was stiff on the road

Cons: me! I sold it to buy a 4runner!

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1988 Toyota Celica ST CoupeReview

Great Car, But Some Minor Problems — I've had this car for almost 3 years now, and i've had very few major problems with it. The starter has gone out a couple times, and the alternator has gone out a couple times... but other than that, it's a great car. It gets great gas milage. The only major problem i have with it is that they should've made the back seat bigger, because when i ride in the car for 3 hours in the back seat, my legs hurt like no other.

Owner for 2 years, 11 months

Miles Driven per Year:8,000

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1988 Toyota Celica All-Trac HatchbackReview
Back Seats:
Cargo Capacity:
Family Car:
Fuel Economy:
Front Seats:
Maintenance Cost:

Powerfully Beautiful — I have owned my Celica GT4 for many years and it has always brought me joy. Its one of the legendary cars made by Toyota that very few have seen. Its styling is beautiful and powerful at the same time and it has every option and then some. Toyota spared no expense when they made these. The car first and foremost is a road going rally car. It was not built or designed like a 4 door corolla or a Camry, so do not expect the same thing. It wasnt built to drive to the grocery store on sunday, it was built to be driven like a performance car and maintained as such. You dont buy a Corvette to drive to your job as a bathroom fixture salesman and then expect to pay for Chevy Aveo maintenance. This car should also not be compared to camry, corolla and tercel alltracs. They are utilitarian cars and as i said before this is a sports car.

Primary Use: Sport/fun (spirited driving, track racing, off-roading, etc.)

Pros: Bone stock its a great performer, a few minor mods and it is a properly fast car. Handles great, looks amazing, makes an absolutely amazing sound. It was built very solid as its a Toyota.It has almost every amenity of any new vehicle, power windows, power adjustable lumbar and bolster support, power sunroof, A/C, automatic climate control and heated mirrors and ABS standard. Mine came equipped with a CD player from the factory as well as a factory alarm system.  the 3S-GTE is powerful and raw, backed with the 5spd and a LSD its a winning combination. Its a car built for racing and performance. Do not kid yourself if you think its going to be an around town beater, this car demands the best and will give it in return. This is not a honda civic that you can abuse day in and day out without maintenance, its a performance vehicle and needs to be treated as such. I see another user said it came equipped with a primitive VVT system which is not true, he may have confused the TVIS system with VVT but they are drastically different.

Cons: Parts for them are scarce as the cars are very rare, some of the turbo components (sensors and such) can be very expensive. The back seat is for children and adults.

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1988 Toyota Celica GT Coupe Review
Just passager, stick fun power quick complete race car feel.Winter driving proves car to have surprise out of control very unexpected.
vs1988 Honda Prelude 2 Dr Si Coupe
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  • Handling
  • Looks/Style
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Power Ranked 1988 Honda Prelude 2 Dr Si Coupe better.
"6cycl automatcic to 4cycl 3speed"
Would Buy Ranked 1988 Honda Prelude 2 Dr Si Coupe worse.
"Toyota has history of long lasting motors few repair problems "
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Displaying 11 - 16 of 16 1988 Toyota Celica reviews.

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