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1988 Moskvitch 412Review
George writes:

Old Faithful... — This is my first car. A true Russian technological wonder... I loved it dearly. Bought it brand new, and almost right away turned it into a taxi, this was my part time job while going to university back in Bulgaria and it made a big financial difference for me. I had fun with it too, in little over 1 year I put 110,000km on the clock which is big for a small country like Bulgaria. I had a propane system installed in this car and ran very well with it, clean and cheap too - in the late 80's price for 1 liter of propane in Bulgaria was 40 stotinki equivalent to only few cents. Good times... The car is now peacefully resting under this tree in my uncle's farm. He tows a trailer with it and moves things around the farm. He tells me the car never failed to start yet, even after moths of not moving it... It definitely wins the award for most faithful vehicle in my book.

Pros: Simple, cheap and easy to fix. Fairly economical for such outdated design, approx fuel consumption was 10L/100km city and 8L/100km on the hwy.

Cons: Ugly, outdated design, too heavy for it's 1.5L engine producing only about 65HP on a good day...

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Have you driven a 1988 Moskvitch 412?