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1988 Ford TelstarReview
Nadine writes:

1988 Ford Telstar Ghia — I bought it cheap, $2000.00, it is reliable, motor starts first time, everytime, it is cheap on juice in a time it needs to be, it looks straight and the cops don't even glance at it. I am absolutely amazed by how clean and well kept the interior trim is for its age.It needed a minor repair when I bought it, the indicator glass was broken, however it didn't affect the indicating, Goes from 0 to 100 in 15 minutes but in this state, there are no straight roads to burn it up on anyway. I actually like how it runs so would recommend an old car like this to anyone.

Pros: Cheap, reliable, economical

Cons: slow, powerless but that is its age

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Have you driven a 1988 Ford Telstar?