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Gocho writes:
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The Good, The Bad And The Ugly... — I had a god opinion about the car... until one day it stopped and decided not to start again... Performance - 0-60 MPH in almost 8 secs. Brakes suck, but who needs brakes anyway? It handles good with the new shocks, but with the old ones I thought it was going to roll over somewhere. Quality - Average. I was going for above average, but that accident pulls it down. Turned out there is a serious problem with the ignition system. After complete engine overhaul, I think it should handle well. It is not cheap to have it, but it isn't very expensive either... Fun factor - yeah, it was big fun when it wouldn't start... I was the laughing stock for many people...

Primary Use: Commuting to work

Pros: The car is crap, but it was my first one, so I have a special relationship with it. I still like to get home and start tinkering with it...

Cons: Almost everything...

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Have you driven a 1988 FIAT Tipo?