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1987 Honda Civic DX HatchbackReview

My Car — Its a good solid car, small and good on gas. A decent amount of room inside. Good little honda motor. Its got some kick under the pedal, not bad for a little car. Its a great car to drive, it handles well in the winter. It needs some work on the motor, other than that, its great.

Pros: Good on gas

Cons: could be a little bigger inside

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1987 Honda Civic WagonReview

Daily Driver — Get's me there with no applause, bit noisy, but then most cars are. With regular maintenance it runs good and always starts.

Pros: Starts, lots of cargo space, compact for what is can carry, good visibility, easy to maintain, safe.

Cons: Noisy, always needs something to fix, no dealer parts anymore, auto trans is junk.

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1987 Honda Civic BaseReview

The Picture Isn't Mine, It's A Stock Photo.. — I didn't have this car long because it was crashed, but while I had it, it was pretty good to me.. I drove it from Washington State to Idaho without any problems whatsoever.. It looked like the stock photo that I have, it didn't have a passenger side mirror, it was a stick shift, white in color with maroon interior.. The sunroof didn't work nor did the horn.. It ended up going out.. It wasn't the prettiest, but it sure was a good running car! I cleaned and washed it religiously so the interior was really nice.. It was my first stick shift so having those first stick shift moments was quite funny.. It kept dying on me because I couldn't drive it.. Ahhh, well, I do miss it and I still have it in Washington and just may use it for parts for my Accord.. It was my first car..

Pros: Quite reliable..

Cons: Horn faded out, sunroof didn't work.. Little minor things..

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1987 Honda Civic BaseReview

Economical Car With Sustainable Power — It is a Honda, it's not a racing car, but it does the trick and keeps my money in my pocket.

Pros: Economic, accessible

Cons: Slow

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1987 Honda Civic BaseReview
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One Of The Best Hondas In My Opinion! — i dont like how hard it is to find performance parts, im trying to rebuilt mine into a road king speed machine so this kind of sucks for me. other than that i really love this car . acceleration isnt bad unless you have alot of big people in the car. its a cozy little car, doesnt have blind spots( which is one of the main reasons that i like square bodied cars like this, it stays out of the shop it hasnt caused me any trouble, if you want fuel efficient and dont want a hybrid or electric car then buy a civic, they have always been good on fuel! if you are a good driver this car is pretty safe. i wouldt recommend for people who just cant drive, it has no power steering no abs breaks and no traction controlls like newer cars so if you lose traction on wet or icey roads you better know what you are doing lol. i hydroplane on wet/icey roads all the time but my passengers never notice because, 1 im a pretty good driver and 2, the car handles really really good!

Primary Use: Commuting to work

Pros: the brakes are great! speacially with the 5 speed. not sure about automatics. but the brakes along with the ability to slow down by downshifting is amazing!

i love the box look, im not really fond of new cars and their curves:/

maintenance isnt too bad easy to do basic tune-ups and doesnt cost alot to get the mechanic to do it.

handling is amazing! its a small car and can easily be whipped around tight turns 5 speed is also great! i dont even touch my brakes on a turn i just down shift and ride the turn like a forula 1 driver!

front seats are great! ive road in many cars but my butt has NEVER fallen asleep in this car! lol

the car is pretty reliable and if you take good care of them they will last forever! get on youtube and look up 1,000,000 mile honda!

fuel eco is great!! i put 10 dollars in the tank and i get about 60 and some miles!

its a good car overall i love it and im proud to own it!! ^-^

Cons: not much of a family car. this car was built for tiny asians! lol and the weight capacity isnt much. a full car load(5 passengers) doesnt slow the car down too much unless you have some heavy set people, then you will be moving like a snail compared to newer cars.

back seats arent that safe they have the old lap seatbelts

its a small car so cargo capacity isnt that great. trunk rating is 2/3 of a dead body lol^-^
its got a flat roof so you can strap things to it lol so i guess that could make up for the trunk space

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1987 Honda Civic Review
Okay but felt too small
vs1987 Ford Escort 4 Dr GL Wagon
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Displaying 11 - 16 of 16 1987 Honda Civic reviews.

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