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Steve writes:

My First Car! —

This was the first car I got after I passed my driving test in 1996, so it was 8 years old when I got hold of it and it had only done 28,000 miles. I knew the mileage was genuine because it was passed down to me from my Mum and she had bought it brand new :) We didn't really have any problems with it when it was my Mum's car, but we obviously she didn't use it very much - most of the day to day journeys were done in my Dad's car which was a company car and we mainly used the Orion for days out or trips to Butlin's etc. When it became my car though it got used a lot more, but only on short journeys (mainly to work and back - 2 miles each way) and it didn't really like it. After a while the carburettor became clogged and the engine would cut out every time I stopped, there were also numerous other problems with it including the battery, the alternator, the central locking and the clutch so after a couple of years I became fed up with forking out to get it repaired all the time and decided to buy something more reliable.

Pros: Comfortable and spacious.  Good size boot too.

Cons: Very sluggish acceleration, but it was a heavy car and we only had the 1.4 engine! Lots of reliability issues.

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