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1983 Ford LaserReview

A Car For Its Time —

This was a car that served me through my high-school and college years, and for that will forever carry with it the unmatched nostalgia and sentimentality of great times gone by. The '83 Laser, a hatchback powered by a 1.5 litre 4-cylinder in-line powerplant, was a thrifty and easy to use ride. Build quality was average, but for its class it had a roomy hatch and boot, comfortable a/c cooling, and for its time a good looking beige and tan interior. The Fun Factor was definitely there, it handled well, and was spirited enough in acceleration, and in combining both was enjoyable to weave through traffic at swift euro-hatch speeds. Yes, I consider this a predecessor of the fun euro-hatches of our day. In a feature not found on any marketing literature on it, The hatch was long and outward enough, to serve as both a top cover, and card table, whenever friends and I would hang out to play cards in between classes at University. Cost of ownership unfortunately ran a tad higher in Manila, because of the absence of parts, in years where the old Ford dealerships were away from Manila. This led to its own sad phasing out as the years went by in the early 2000's. For the record, I had made it to 180 kph with this car, the fastest I had ever driven PRIOR to our current fleet. We enjoyed the car so much we celebrate the name its first owner gave it, which we adopted, "George". Farewell George. In Memoriam. 1983-2003.

Primary Use: Family transportation

Pros: Fun Factor

Cons: Parts Availability

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1983 Ford LaserReview

Daily Driven Runabout — Got for cost of Rego but had to replace fuel tank, then the replacement tank was full of rust so replaced filter, pump and eventually bought & fitted a 3rd tank! Once fuel problem was solved has been most reliable car ever...

Pros: Can fit heaps in back with seats folded because of the hatch, Fantastic on fuel (was averaging 6L/100km)!!! Manual :D

Cons: Rear shocks are screwed so tyres rub on guards around corners with weight in the back, absolutely no power.

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Displaying all 2 1983 Ford Laser reviews.

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