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1983 FIAT X1/9Review
al_ngl writes:

Consider It If You Want Great Handling In A Cheap Car And Can Overlook The Very Small Flaws. —

I have only test driven this car, but I tried to inventory as I was driving all of the good qualities and flaws in the car. The steering is surprisingly light considering the lack of power steering. The brakes are pretty average, but stop it well due to low weight. The handling is superb. The synchros tend to go out, but the gearbox itself is pretty solid. The clutch is light, as is the gear shift. The engine is lively and a bit loud, but it's an Italian car so it's proud and shouty anyway and you just don't care. I was surprised to fit inside, being 6'2" and a 36 pants size, and you do wear the car rather than drive it. However, I would not at all be stopped from purchasing one as a second/fun car. If you look at an X1/9 be most weary of rust in structural areas (chassis and shock towers etc). Remember that the car is old and Italian, so don't expect perfection. The interior is comfy and looks all right for a cheap sports car. The targa roof adds extra view and compliments the car nicely. The looks are love or hate, but as are most cars. On the road it gets good gas mileage, the insurance is cheap, and parts are cheaper than you'd expect. Maintenance isn't difficult, but may be more tedious, so previous owners may have skipped it; Don't! The bottom line is that for not much money at all, you can't find a more fun car (if you do, contact me!). Comparable cars are the Toyota MR2 (more expensive but quicker) and the Porsche 914 (more expensive and quicker).

Primary Use: Sport/fun (spirited driving, track racing, off-roading, etc.)

Pros: Handling, engine, transmission, clutch, targa roof, price

Cons: brakes somewhat, rust, interior size, electrics

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