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James writes:
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Well Traveled East German, Via Czechoslovakia And Dublin... — I haven't driven this particular Trabi yet... It's only a crankshaft, a set of seats and about 15 hours work from being back on the road after a 20 year absence therefrom. This car came into the UK from Ireland some years ago. It arrived in Ireland as part of a publicity drive for the U2 album 'Achtung Baby'. It was then given away by a Radio Station (one of ten.... As per the rear window stickers visible in the picture) For a full review, please view the Other Trabi in my fleet. Thanks.

Primary Use: Family transportation

Pros: Despite hysterical nay saying from the likes of Clarkson and Co' the Trabant is incredibly reliable, hardy and 'does exactly what it says on the tin'. It's moderately comfortable, economical (30 to 45 MPG), and utterly fit for purpose with NO fancy bit's added, there's nothing much to go wrong.

Despite it;s size, there's plenty of room for two adults, and a large boot (that is, admittedly, a little difficult to access due to a small opening.

Cons: A bit leaky in the winter, and far from the fastest car ever. Spares can be ordered, but can take up to ten days to arrive. Some parts are getting scarce. Due to it's 2-stroke engine, the Trabi is not a quiet drive.

2-Stroke oil is currently around £25 to £30 for 5 liters (Jan 2014) it uses about 400ml per tank of fuel (20 liters aprox).

This particular vehicle comes with a 6 Volt electrical system and points ignition... Parts are easy to get, but replacement batteries can be pricey in the UK,

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