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1979 Dodge RAM VanReview
Val writes:
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If My Brother Wasn't A Mechanic, I Would've Been Screwed. — Incredibly unreliable. Anything that COULD go wrong, DID. I was afraid of leaving Orange County, CA. My engine rebuild was performed by my brother, who also rebuilt my rear and front axles, and everything in-between, except for my transmission, which had to be rebuilt 3x by a third party. That RV has been rebuilt from start to finish. Every major component on it broke down and needed to be repaired. Like I said, if it weren't for my brother coming to my rescue, I would've been stranded more times than I can count....the longest of which was for two weeks at the CA/AZ state line, in the dead of winter.

Primary Use: Sport/fun (spirited driving, track racing, off-roading, etc.)

Pros: The interior is excellent.

Cons: In ten years, the amount I paid in repairs, I could've bought a new motorhome.  This was the first and last Dodge I will EVER own.

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1979 Dodge RAM VanReview
Efrain writes:

Very Cool Car — I like it because it is a 1978 Dodge Van and it is cool. It goes pretty fast, has good acceleration. It has good brakes and is pretty easy to handle. When my dad barely got it, there was a repair needed, which I think was the brake fluid line. The line was clogged and so the brakes would brake all the sudden and lock them selves. The appearance is kind of bad... Well at least the color. The color is Yellow.... Yes, Bright yellow with 2 black stripes running down the side. The interior is a brown-ish color. It has 28,205 original miles on it, but I accidentally turned the peg and it added 10,000 miles to it. you can see my car profile Here: http://www.theautolog.com/profile.php? member=yotyrant&vehicle=9225

Primary Use: Family transportation

Pros: Fun, Fast, Good acceleration

Cons: Color

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Displaying all 1979 Dodge RAM Van reviews reviews.

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