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Adam writes:
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1977 Pontiac Grand Lemans Sport Coupe — Perfect Interior no flaws. All original paint even on the rims. It has a 301 V8 that isnt running at the moment. I bought it for a really good price of 300 Dollars. Its a really nice car and i hope you guys find it the same.

Pros: Its the finale of the Grand LeMans. Its SUPER original.

Cons: Not Running at the moment.

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Le Mans

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1977 Pontiac Le MansReview
Joshua writes:

My 1977 Pontiac Lemans Safari —

well this is my car. it is a 1977 Pontiac Le Mans Safari wagon. The performance is great because I can pass cars easily and I beat a Camaro in this thing! The brakes are spectacular and never had a problem with them. The handling is good especially in a winter storm, whiteout, blizzard and ice storms, anything weather that God created as a natural disaster. The Build Quality is solid. it has needed a few repairs and it's in storage at the moment. it had a few squeaks coming from the driver door but I fixed that no problem-o. there are no rattles at all. The appearance is....well I cannot explain how great my car is. The exterior is ferocious but beautiful. no rust, no dents, no nothing wrong with my car at all. my car is blue with a white roof. I know you don't see a white roof in the picture and there is a reason for that. That reason is I don't have a camera cord to upload my pics so I found a picture that is close to my car. um........now I remember. My car is blue with a white roof, wood panels, whitewall tires, and a loud horn! The interior is in mint condition. no rips, no tears, no cracks, no warping, no nothing wrong with my car!( like I said before ) I put a 1984 pontiac Parisienne horn pad on my steering wheel and it looks nicer than it did before. The seats are button tuft, loose pillow velvet seats and it feels like driving a chesterfield around town. I dunno how much this car costs because my wife bought it for me as a gift and I got her a LeBaron Convertible. Gas Mileage is terrible but I don't care. The cost for Maintenance was OK because i never had a serious problem with it. My car is so much fun to drive because when people in lil' honda civics and integras challenge me, They dunno who they are messing with! If they want it, THEY GOT IT!!!! I would recommend this car to a friend because it's like a Can Am, But in a station wagon. It's just too awesome.

Pros: it runs good, tons of space, lots of power, and it's mint condition

Cons: it's a real boat to park

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Displaying all 1977 Pontiac Le Mans reviews reviews.

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