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1976 Buick SkyhawkReview
wasup23 writes:

High Quality American Motor —

These cars are pretty cool looking, fresh outta the muscle car era, they have a sleek looking mini muscle appearance, but do only come with a 3.8L v6. Not too much power but you can easily get over the speed limit with more gears to go. Mine has a 5 speed and a one way glass top called an astroroof. It sat for 24 years, and with a new battery started right up, if you want a good reliable car, get a first gen skyhawk. mine still has some improvements to be made, but nothing that stops me from driving it. Performance, The accelleration is quick, it handles like a pro, and the brakes are still nice and smooth even though there stock and are over 30 years old. Appearance, They look .. well... cool! i don't know how to describe it besides a miniature Camaro or Firebird. Interior is dependent on what was ordered. but mine has nice leather but its a bit worn after all the use. Im not sure about how many mpg this car gets, i haven't really looked into it. Fun Factor - oh yea, It is so much fun to drive a fast car that isn't a boat. you need to go down the street half a block, its still faster to hop in the skyhawk with your buddies and cruise on down. (if you trust them in your car) I bought mine from a college-bound girl who needed some extra cash for only $500. im not saying there worth that much, or that you may ever find one for this price, but if you have an extra spot in that driveway or backyard, pick this thing up. or if you just need a reliable car for getting to work, this ones your ticket. and you can look cool and eat all those Japanese cars who think they are cool with their weed eater vtecs If i could change one thing about the car... id have to say it would be the tires, they came stock with only 13"s. I will throw some 15's on the front and some 17's on the back to get her butt up in the air. they are only 4 bolt though so its kinda spendy. also i plan on dropping a v8 into it. If you want any more information you are open to contact me through my auto log @ theautolog.com/wasup23-1

Pros: Cool looking, fast, chick magnet

Cons: radio only lasted about 27 years :( oh well it was just a cassette player

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1976 Buick SkyhawkReview
Eric writes:

Lots Of Power In Small Car. — Not a great college car, but it worked. Went through a clutch or two. Great power from 3.8L V6.

Pros: Power; fun to drive

Cons: Cargo room limited.

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1976 Buick Skyhawk Review
Eva says:
Very fun quick steering car to drive.
vs1986 Chevrolet Celebrity Coupe FWD
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Looks/Style Ranked 1986 Chevrolet Celebrity Coupe FWD worse.
"Body style sportier looking"
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Displaying all 1976 Buick Skyhawk reviews reviews.

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