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Christiaan writes:
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Once An Alfa Fan - Always An Alfa Fan!!! — Performance: For a 1976 1800 it delivered 104kw. Did about 195km/h speedo speed, hit 200 at 6 000 rpm(red line) in 5th in very very favourable conditions. Strong acceleration started in 3rd gear. Some of the best braking systems at the time with discs all around. Extremely good handling due to engine at front and gearbox/diff at rear on De Dion Axle. Very stable at high speeds. Good built quality - never rattled. Looks good even in today's standards - very characterful inside and out. Needed clutch replacement twice in 200 000km. Propshaft couplings very expensive. otherwise not troublesome. Fuel consumption about 7.7l/100km at 130 km/h on open road and 12.5l/100km in city traffic. Much fun to drive with sound of the twin cam motor and the barking sound of the two twin choke Dellorto Carburetors. The few V6's which were too fast for it only stayed in front till the first corner! At top speed it slowly pulled away from the first Gti's and kept up with the first 1800GsI's. What a companion!

Primary Use: Sport/fun (spirited driving, track racing, off-roading, etc.)

Pros: Looks inside and outside; performance, handling and ride quality.

Cons: Sometimes temperamental - did not like too much city travelling then needed open road to get lodge plugs clean again.

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