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1974 Pontiac Grand Am Review
WyzGuy says:
vs1973 Pontiac Grand Am
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Looks/Style Ranked 1973 Pontiac Grand Am worse.
"The 1973 was a 1 year only.. It had a specific frame, different bumper mounts than the 74-77.. Plus it has fender flares, the 74-77 dont.. I think the 1973 was the pinnacle of the Grand Ams!"
Would Buy Ranked 1973 Pontiac Grand Am worse.
"I would buy the 73 over the 74, I just love the styling better!"
1974 Pontiac Grand AmReview
GrandAM1974 writes:
Back Seats:
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Family Car:
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Impressive Looks, Style And Underestimated Power. —

I owned this car as a Freshman in college. I went to school downstate Illinois.The drive from Chicago to Bloomington was 2hrs. on I-55. This Pontiac was built for the 150 mile ride to & from school on weekends. Doing 80 mph plus was the norm. The posi-traction was great for winter snow. I also did a carpool with 5-6 people in this car on a daily basis driving from Chicago to North chicago. 100 miles roundtrip.Nobody had radar guns then or detectors so the state patrol would tag you the old fashioned way. Hide behind billboards or in the cornfields. I was never tagged by the state patrol but I have seen the results of some really bad wrecks by speeders. I had a front-end wreck at an intersection where the oncoming car ran the light while I was in the turning lane. The amazing thing! I basically totaled the Dodge Dart with the right-front corner of my retractable bumper. The only damage the Grand AM had was the bumper stuck in position because of the angle of impact. The body shop I took it to was very impressed and fixed the bumper and gave me a grand paint job with acrylic paint. That was the beginning of the end! That new acrylic paint job set my car off the charts from other cars in its category. I had so many complements and developed so many rivals - it was crazy! Unfortunately, this car was jacked on a winters night on the East-side of Chicago as I slept . I think it was driven to Indiana, then stripped for parts after that ordeal.I really missed this car. Never had another one to compare to it.

Primary Use: Commuting to work

Pros: V8 Power plus great handling on the highway. I had the 400 2bll carburetor. Owned it in 1979 - 1982. Gas was .50.-.70 cents a gallon.

Cons: Gas hog in city driving. Some cars like the Chevy Impala 400 you could hear the car drinking gas at the light.

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1974 Pontiac Grand AmReview
xXLUNAXx writes:

Race Winner — the biggest thing i like about my grand am is that is has alot of acceleration but the only problem si if you drive it hard it only get about seven mile per gallon but still does alright if you drive it normal.

Primary Use: Family transportation

Pros: performance

Cons: gas mileage

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1974 Pontiac Grand AmReview
Jetlager writes:

1974 Grand Am — Loved this car. I had the 455 bored .30 over with headers and a custom exhaust. I also was lucky to get my hands on one with a standard M-22 tranny with the Hurst shifter. I had then put in new stiffer coil springs on all four corners with one coil cut out to lower it on 4 sides. With the 50 series tires on it it could hang with a lot of cars that it shouldn't have been able to keep up with. Truly a fun car until I lost my drivers license for racing, man that sucked!

Pros: POWER!!!!!!!!!!

Cons: Lots of little electrical pains.

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Displaying all 1974 Pontiac Grand Am reviews reviews.

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