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1974 FIAT 128Review
Brian writes:

Like Most Usual Cars, You Really Need To Like The Car To Put Up With The Querks — It was a good car, I bought it used and had to do a few things to it, unfortunately I live in the salt belt and the car rust very badly and very quickly. They just know that the US does that and never made a car to last.

Pros: Sporty and high reving fun

Cons: high part cost and no dealer support anymore

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1974 FIAT 128Review
Mohamed writes:

My Baby — the acceleration is quite high compared to other fiat 128, because it's a 2 door-racing model. the brakes are a bit bad I guess. the exterior is pretty messed up (my first car, so I bumped it a lot!) the interior is new, but the gauges are old and vague I spent alot on the sound system, and that's what really makes it pretty cool! my dream is to customize this car and change the engine

Pros: sound system, high acceleration

Cons: messed up exterior, dim head lights

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Displaying all 1974 FIAT 128 reviews reviews.

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Yellow By Mohamed

good acceleration awesome braking good handling normal build good yes it need to repairs apperance normal interior bad exterior normal it cost 12 l.e fun factor is filter in the engine yes it real ... Read More

Good Starter By Khalid

You all know what a 128 is ; the popular commoner type car ! well that my First car .. it has some boldness - kindda .. it is easy to start putting your tools to work upon , easy to dismantle and put... Read More

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Nice Looking But Not Reliable. Typical Italian. By Kenny

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acceleration for the car years 1979 is not bad and still scary for others but handling need some adjustment, the parts are not easy to find but for who wants a cute and simple car, this is the right ... Read More

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Fiat 128, The Best Fun I Ever Had On 4 Wheels By Quentin

This was my first car, it was 16 years old and had just 32k on the clock and 1 elderly owner, dont think it had ever done over 30mph. This car was an absolute hoot, very revvy lively engine sweet hand... Read More

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