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1973 Triumph GT6Review
Jeremy writes:
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Good Old British Sports Car — Hey the car looks pretty cool and mine was in awesome condition, for it's age. 6 cylinder engines were rare in basic sports cars of the day. The rear suspension was pretty notorious as being bad but I never drove the car fast.

Primary Use: Commuting to work

Pros: Looks

Cons: Power and handling

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1973 Triumph GT6Review
Brian writes:

Managed To Survive 16 Years — the build quality was awesome. It managed to last 16 years in the woods. It doesnt run yet but we are almost there to get it cranking. The best thing about this car is the dash. It has a wooden panel. Dual carbs it is so sick. I hope to inharet this or atleast get it running

Pros: nice build

Cons: stupid  engine design

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Displaying all 1973 Triumph GT6 reviews reviews.

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