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1972 Wartburg 353Review
Helen writes:

My No 1 Car —

This car was my 18th birthday present & had therefore been with me most of my driving career. I've got used to it's little oddities over the years even though it still has the capacity to throw something new into the equation! It's built like a tank & fears very little, drives like a dream when it's running right (the oil to petrol ratio is spot on) & can fair shift when it wants to - much to the surprise of those extracting the Michael around it! It's cheap on insurance & tax exempt because of it's age, it can handle home made repairs that will go on for over a decade (I can prove it!) which also helps to keep the cost of running it down. To me this car is my pride & joy even though other's put them near if not at the bottom of the car food chain. I know it's not perfect to look at & compared with modern cars is noisy - but that gives it character. Mine is off the road at the moment needing some serious work doing to it (but it deserves every bit of it) on the other hand it's older than I am & until it was taken off the road it was in daily use & when I was at Uni it happily did a 450 mile return trip between home & uni. But just so I don't get withdrawl symptoms, there's a wartburg estate waiting in the wings with my name on it as I feel comfortable & confident driving them.

Pros: Cheap to run, easy to work on, brilliant fun to drive.

Cons: The heater takes ages to heat up!

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