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1971 Volkswagen 1600 SquarebackReview
Benny writes:

Vw Type 3 — its a classic beauty built tough and what it lacks in performance it more then makes up for in style, its air cooled so no need to top up the radiator with water and gets great miles/gallion, it is a really fun car to drive and very rare car to see on the road

Pros: no raidiator

Cons: lacks top speed

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1973 Volkswagen 1600 Reviews

Long Wheelebase Invader By Robert

it started off as a german inport beetle costing £250 had bare metal respray, crashed, rebuilt as a baja, drag raced and offroaded, took body off and fitted long wheelbase invader buggy body ... just... Read More

Volkswagen Beetle By Mercia

Red Volkswagen beetle and i loved it. Solid built never lets you down and not expensive to maintain. No fancy stuff like air conditioning but the basic stuff is there. And The best part is that it d... Read More

1972 Volkswagen 1600 Reviews

Straight Up Cool Ride By David

Its 4 banger powered. Good on gas. Looks cool, dont see um everyday anymore. Its a volkswagen, and its all mine! I plan on removing the side glass and replacing them with sheetmetal panels and braces,... Read More

My First Car By Thomas

Electric blue 1972 WV beetle, driven on 2 wheels, ice, mud, dirt road more side ways than strait, loved it. Terrible performances, no brakes, no handling, aproximative sterring, sweet flat four sound,... Read More

1970 Volkswagen 1600 Reviews

Vw Type 3s Rock! By Shelby

I love the VW Fastback. It is both longer and wider than the beetle, and always had the most powerful engines that vw produced. Its a blast to drive and handles great. It turns heads wherever I go,... Read More

Air Doesn´t Freeze Neither Boil By Jan

Allthoght a young man approciated cars along how fast those could be driven. As a young boy, my dad ownned two VW Variants after other, 1500S and 1600 and yes, that 1500S was more sporty one. At the a... Read More

1969 Volkswagen 1600 Reviews

28th Vw Loved Them All By Chris_rector

Just got the car its a project that my16 yr old daughter and myself are going to restore? I know I will do most of the work but anytime I get with her just hanging out and gabbing will be some of t... Read More

If You Ever Get The Chance To Own One...do It By Dave

This thing was a blast! I loved everry minute of owning this thing. It was fast, it was rough, it was custome, and it was dirty. It had a very unique frame. I just with I could have made the thing... Read More

1967 Volkswagen 1600 Reviews

It Was The Toyota Corolla Of It's Time- Boring, Common, Reliable (ish). By Ethan

It's a fun, common car. Your neighbor had one. You may have had one (if you're old enough). It was just a car. It's not fast. It can crack 70, but not much more. It's got a sharper clutch than... Read More

Everyones Dream By Jeffrey

-Performance-Acceleration sucks but I havent gotten a ticket yet! Breaking is average and handling is pretty good since the engine is in the back. -Build quality-The car is 42 years old, give it a bre... Read More

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