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catholicboy writes:
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Interesting Car For Those Who Don't Have The Sense To Buy Aford. —

I developed an affection for this vehicle when it was given to me when I couldn't get payed for playing bass in a Christian rock group. It was love at first sight. She was cheap, she was a whore, but I loved her passionately. The more you mistreated her the more she liked it. Every once in awhile you had to slap her to show her who's boss. She wised up fast and ran for awhile and quit complaining. Everyonce in a while you would admire her french engineering but wouldn't tell her so and would buy her a new air filter to keep her on the up and up. She wouldn't let just anybody change her oil. You'd have to purchase a Peugeot oil pan drain plug special wrench to do the trick. I cheated her a few times by using a 3/8 extensions drive to get to her inner parts. Once I painted her forest green and she looked spiffy all decked out with her red or yellow side markers that looked like cheap jewelry. Her rear end looked good from all angles--I saw a few roll royces that had similar lines but I regret never having told her so. I wished I would have told her. But I think she knew it. When she passed away I wore a french foreign legion kepi hat and had the bugler blow a dirge. Like the french foreign legion--she just faded away.

Pros: The Peugeot 304 is a front wheel drive nimble four seater with a catlike suspension that goes over irregular surfaces with aplomb--it won't tip your coffee over bumps.  Good al-around visibility and styling is boxy-roundish.  Four cylinder transverse motor
not weak but not strong.  Easy to park.  Rarely seen in USA--even rarer is the station-wagony style which I forgot the name of and have only seen once as it drove down
the freeway into the sunset.  Its like a french built BMW 2002.  Or Or a poor mans

Cons: A bit tinny.  Has interesting quirks--front driveshaft boot integrity suspect.  Steering rack and pinion bolt fell off on beverly blvd and I had a handful of neutral steering.
If something falls off one needs to stop, go back and look for the part or she's gone
forever.  Wheel lug nuts are three only.  Hubcaps use a bolt in center to keep them
on. Seats fold down to provide a flat mini-bed--but I couldn't score in this car so only dreamed of using it.

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