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1971 Ford CapriReview
Jason writes:
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Totally Restored This Car Myself Giving Me A Lot Of Satisfaction — 3.0 v6 engine lots of torque 4 speed manual nice engine note GT spec great looks and body styling original black interior costs of ownership is rising rapidly become a rare car lots of fun to drive and own capri 3.0 GT XLR

Primary Use: Sport/fun (spirited driving, track racing, off-roading, etc.)

Pros: having this car for ten years and just finished it last year and enjoying it

Cons: N/A

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1971 Ford CapriReview
Joe writes:

It Was A 1600gt Xlr With A Black Bonnet. — It was a great car, you had to take care when putting the brakes on in the wet, it could hop sideways. Would love one now, if it came with air con, electric windows and all the modern comforts we have got used to.

Pros: It looked good.

Cons: It could be a bit twitchy when it raining

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Displaying all 1971 Ford Capri reviews reviews.

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