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1970 MG MGBReview
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Classic — Great value, classic looks, reliability sum up this British classic. This car turns heads everywhere. The fastback look is my favorite style feature. Front seats have large room for two adults. Break, clutch and accelerator pedals space is small and require that the driver use small shoes to drive it.

Primary Use: Sport/fun (spirited driving, track racing, off-roading, etc.)

Pros: Holds value, style

Cons: rear seat

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1970 MG MGBReview

1970 Mgb Gt — The MG B/GT is the coupe version of the MG B roadster, it is known as one of the first hatchbacks. It's hardtop adds only a few more pounds, having no effect on handling and acceleration. The top speed is improved due to the aerodynamic improvements on the windscreen and rear hatch. Excellent handling and styling, no doubt best bang for the buck!

Primary Use: Sport/fun (spirited driving, track racing, off-roading, etc.)

Pros: Excellent handling, beautiful design

Cons: Public Awareness

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1970 MG MGBReview

1970 Mgb - My Trusty Companion — The 1970 MGB is a classic. Featuring a split rear bumper, spoked-rim wheels and chrome trim, 1970 was a great year for MGs. Like all old British roadsters, my MGB needs continual attention to run well and look good. In the '70s, my father had a Triumph (TR4/3/6 hybrid) that he'd put together himself. This car lets me live my childhood dream of driving a sweet little convertible.

Pros: It's not expensive to maintain - if you maintain it regularly.  It turns a lot of heads.  There is no smell quite like that of a going-on-40 year old original leather interior.  An active online community of hobbyists makes sure all my weird engine questions are answered.  It turns like a *dream* on back country roads in the fall.

Cons: Being an MG, it frequently has small problems that need to be addressed.  It does not go very fast (but at ~65mph, you get the *illusion* of speed!).  With a unibody steel construction, if rust gets anywhere, it's nearly done for (spackle!) - since it's not made of individual pieces, you can't just say, replace a fender if it gets rusty... so no winter driving in Boston!  It can be difficult finding parts sometimes - but I've been lucky so far :)

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Displaying all 3 1970 MG MGB reviews.

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