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1969 BMW 2002Review
Gabriel writes:

Uber Cool — It's a classic. The 2002 brought bmw back into the scene when they were close to being done in the US. M10 engine is bulletproof if taken care of. Nice little canyon carver. If you aren't mechanically inclined nor have a steady paycheck, don't buy this car.

Pros: classic car, decent handling, tuning potential

Cons: expensive factory replacement parts, old

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1969 BMW 2002Review
bryansheriff writes:

Ubiquitous '02 —

One of those cars you really need to fiddle with. Turn every knob, push every button. The engineering and quality of these things is unbelievable. For example: The sprung trunk-lid and trunk latch mechanism are so perfectly designed and functional as to make a modern ergonomics engineer swoon. Everything is just sweet and perfect. Then you drive it. Feedback and neutral handling with enough go-pedal to put an ear-to-ear grin on the grinch. They respond well to modification, (that may be a gross understatement) and are almost a pleasure to work on. Parts are available for the most part and are not ridiculously priced, just expensive. Issues inherent to the '02 are water pumps failing, (usually due to over-tight belts) body rust, certain 4 speed transmission failures when abused, body rust, and deterioration of the steel parts of the car due to oxidation (rust). It's the worst part of '02 ownership. The rest is finely engineered bliss. They get upper 20's low 30's for mileage, are cheap to insure, reliable as an anvil, instantly recognizable, easy to park in a city, hold a surprising amount of luggage and if you're anything like me, will never want a different car. Just don't try to tow a trailer.

Pros: Too many to list, just buy one.

Cons: Rust, parts can be expensive, end up answering a lot of questions at the fuel pump.

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Displaying all 1969 BMW 2002 reviews reviews.

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