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1967 Pontiac CatalinaReview
Lance writes:
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Brute Force From A Past That Never Was. — I bought this car while I was working at an auto parts store. So getting parts at 10% over cost, I had everything that makes a car go or stop replaced. Just for fun, since with Pontiac's outstanding late 60s torque cranked up a bit, it eats lesser cars and frightens the children.

Primary Use: Sport/fun (spirited driving, track racing, off-roading, etc.)

Pros: It's a 67 Pontiac Catalina. First year of the 400 outside 66 GTO. First year of cowl/hood hidden wipers on any car. Driving a living room from the couch. Three kids in the back seat. Two bodies in the trunk. This land yacht was a midsized car.

Cons: It likes fuel. A lot. 400 is bored and stroked to a 463. Geared to launch. 2500rpm at 75. Could use overdrive.

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1967 Pontiac CatalinaReview
Luke writes:

Best Car I Got — This is an extremely rare 8 door armbruster/stageway limousine taken straight from the factory and built in 1967. This is a VIP sedan airporter and most likely the last one left. The car is a great survivor and was my first car believe it or not. She was a real find and a diamond in the rough. She also sports a factory roof air conditioner and 428 big block!

Pros: Its a pimp mobile

Cons: its 25 ft long and hard to find parking

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1967 Pontiac CatalinaReview
Pat writes:

My 1967 Pontiac Catalina 2-door —

It's actually my uncle's but itll be mine when i turn 21. its adark blue 2 door with everything bone stock except for the motor and possibly the tranny. It has a 400c.i. v8 with a 4 speed auto and from what i hear it has posi-traction but im not sure if pontiac had that in 67 on many catalinas. It gets about 12-16 mpg. i love the location of the gas tank. the inlet is behind the rear liscence plate...which took my uncle and i 4ever to find. my uncle bought it from my grandpa in omaha NE for a couple thousand. i guess its kind of a family heirloom now. the power is great. it hasnt been dyno'd but id say it has about 400 hp through to the rear wheels with a carb. ( I plan to fuel-inject it when i get the chance) i think the tranny is a turbo 400 (which i will convert to a tremec t56 5speed manual also) the car looks gorgeous. except for a few knicks and paint chips. theres a tiny bit of rust on the lower left quarter panels. (I have a pic on my profile page) I would definitley recommend this car to anyone who wants a cheap, rare, fun muscle car without having to worry about maintenence.

Pros: Awsome looks, sweet performance. definitley a head-turner

Cons: the mpg's

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1967 Pontiac Catalina Review
GuruTFHMN says:
Awesome power with comfort included. Road worthy car. Easy and low maintenance. Reliable vehicle.
vs1967 Cadillac Eldorado
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Family Car Ranked 1967 Cadillac Eldorado worse.
"Its size is huge! Its kinda like a motel on wheels : l)"
Value Ranked 1967 Cadillac Eldorado worse.
"It is much cheaper maintenance."
Would Buy Ranked 1967 Cadillac Eldorado worse.
"Its maintence is low and easy and its a tough vehicle. And of course it is fast. I also think its a better looking car."
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