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broadvalley writes:

223,456 K Miles And Counting In The '63 Mini — To be honest, it wasn't my car,but it was our family car.Dad bought it new in New Mexico ('63) and we owned it until 2001.Dad died,Mum had to move and needed to sell it. A real heartbreak for us. Reliable,great mpg(56-60),roomy (it once had to serve a family of 6!He never, and I mean never, let us down.It crossed the Atlantic 10 times (by ship!) and called 26 states home and crossed three continents.From cold weather to heat extremes.Had 4 paint jobs.Regular maintenance and never allowed to rust. Total mileage 223,456!Oh,Dad paid $1650 in 1963 and we sold for $4000 in '01.

Pros: everything...incredibly reliable vehicle

Cons: can't think of one

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