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MikeinMissouri writes:
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1961 Porsche 356b - "porsche...there Is No Substitute!" —

This is the car I learned to drive in. My dad taught me how to drive a stick shift in this car. I wouldn't trade it, or sell it for any amount of money because of the family history and the fact it is so much fun to drive. She's a 61 Porsche 356B my dad owned from 1966 to 2014 in August when I took possession of it. I was 6 years old when he brought it home, took me for a drive and I said to him..."Dad when you die I get this car!" Due to health issues he decided to let me have it in August this year. The car was professionally restored about 7 years ago, body was removed repainted, interior leather was refreshed. Motor and car are parts matching, and all original parts - By the way...it's Pronounced PORSHA for all you guys that don't understand how to pronounce German names. An e on the end of a German name is pronounced as an A. Ferdinand Porsche designed the VW beetle, and his son Ferry Porsche designed the 356 series Porsche. This car is a very safe car to drive, excellent handling and a pleasure to cruise in. I averaged about 34 MPG on a recent road trip from the West coast to Missouri in it. My sisters son recently said..."Mike when you die I get this car!". So I guess he can have it when my wife and I are gone...keeping it in the family. The Odometer has either 387,000 or 487,000 miles on it. She was a daily driver and dad doesn't remember how many times the odometer has flipped over when reaching 100,000 miles. The motor has been rebuilt once since 1966 and doesn't smoke or burn oil. (Hint change your oil every 1500 to 2000 miles) Valvoline 20- 50 for the air cooled motor.

Pros: Love it, not for sale at any price. She's a pleasure to drive, but it's hard to not have conversations about it pretty much everywhere I go. People seem to just want to look it over every time I drive it.

Cons: Fits two adults just fine, and there is room for two kids in the back, but in 1961 there were no seat belts in the rear...so I guess that's about the only Con I can come up with...sorry kids, you have to ride in a different car.

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