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1958 Chevrolet BiscayneReview
Basmin writes:
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Loved It All My Life, Honored To Inherit! — Whenever i visited my aunts in Knoxville this was what we rode in. My aunt that drove died in 1983 (her sister that didn't drive owned it) and it sat under the carport with an occasional start until my other aunt died in 1991. A person is pretty lost without transportation in that town so when i came for my aunt's funeral, ended up care giving to her younger sister and disbursing the estate i got this street yacht running for $500!! Transmission went out on the reverse a few years back but i have not complaints about the drive or service of this car...you do need to have upper body strength tho~no power steering ;-)

Primary Use: Family transportation

Pros: Truly a classic vehicle purchased by my aunts a few months before i was born!  Very simple to repair, chrome on an iron body means it will pretty much destroy anything it hits ;-) Wipers work off  a hose run to the carberator! Really enjoy the side vent windows & the vent under the dash for long hot drives~who needs air conditioning!  

Cons: Finding replacement parts is the biggest problem, finding a mechanic who can locate them and work on it is generally the toughest thing to locate.

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1958 Chevrolet BiscayneReview
Joshua writes:

The 1958 Chevrolet Biscayne — The 1958 Chevrolet was a great car. It needed ALOT of rust repair but it ran and drove very nicely. It was in a flood and if it wasnt for that, I might still have it. Had the inline 6 cylinder and 2 speed automatic. It just floated down the road like no other Chevy I have owned. A very nice car to have with alot of class and style.

Pros: style, class, size, build quality, ride quality

Cons: harder to find then the 55-57 Chevy, value is greatly underrated

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1958 Chevrolet BiscayneReview
Rach writes:

My 58 Chevy — i like everything about this car, grew up with this car. her performance is good, she looks sexy and she cost £3000. i wouldnt recommend this car to a friend as you dont thrash the arse of her like a modern car, shes a car for crusing. shes got a v8 engine and is a smooth drive, she weighs 2 ton. Has got nice leather interior.she bein pampered at the moment ( thts why the roof is in grey primer on the picture)

Pros: everything

Cons: price of petrol

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Displaying all 1958 Chevrolet Biscayne reviews reviews.

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