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Evaluación de un 1993 Mazda Protege 4 Dr LX Sedan
por Clayton

The most cost efficient car I've ever owned!

Very practical and reliable car! Took it to LA and Las Vegas in '98. Never had any serious issues during the time I owned it. It was actually the GT model, but that choice was not available here.

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1996 Mazda Protege 4 Dr LX Sedan Used Cars in San Antonio, TX 78218

Gran Descuento

Precio: $1,995

Millaje: 113,544

Ubicación: San Antonio, TX 78218

Certificado de Segunda Mano: No Transmisión: Automático Color: Maroon Descripción: 1996 Mazda Protege 4 Dr LX Sedan usado de venta - $1,995, 113,544 millas
Concesionario: (13 evaluaciones) "I was hesitant after reading the reviews, however I decided to visit Alamo Car Center based on the fact they had the lowest prices on the cars I was most interested in. I found the car I was looking for and I was rather amazed at the large selection of cars they offer at their locations. I got a great deal on the car and I would feel confident going back and purchasing other cars from them. Elliot was friendly and helpful. Thanks!!."

1999 Mazda Protege 4 Dr DX Sedan Used Cars in San Antonio, TX 78218

Precio: $3,295

Millaje: 143,000

Ubicación: San Antonio, TX 78218

Certificado de Segunda Mano: No Transmisión: Automático Color: Twilight Blue Mica - Blue Descripción: 1999 Mazda Protege 4 Dr DX Sedan usado de venta - $3,295, 143,000 millas
Concesionario: (2 evaluaciones) "Vehicles are too high in cost "

2002 Mazda Protege ES Used Cars in San Antonio, TX 78218

Precio: $3,850

Millaje: 97,945

Ubicación: San Antonio, TX 78218

Certificado de Segunda Mano: No Transmisión: Automático Color: Green Descripción: 2002 Mazda Protege ES usado de venta - $3,850, 97,945 millas con Rines de Aleación
Concesionario: (13 evaluaciones) "Description of truck was different than from the actual truck. "

1999 Mazda Protege 4 Dr DX Sedan Used Cars in San Antonio, TX 78263

Precio: $6,995

Millaje: 119,718

Ubicación: San Antonio, TX 78263

Certificado de Segunda Mano: No Transmisión: Manual de 5-Velocidades Color: Gold Descripción: 1999 Mazda Protege 4 Dr DX Sedan usado de venta - $6,995, 119,718 millas

2002 Mazda Protege DX Used Cars in San Antonio, TX 78233

Precio: Negociable

Millaje: 0

Ubicación: San Antonio, TX 78233

Certificado de Segunda Mano: No Transmisión: Automático de 4-Velocidades Color: Silver Descripción: 2002 Mazda Protege DX usado de venta , 0 millas
Concesionario: (1 evaluación) "No pictures available. They texted me a picture of the dash board of the car (WTH) that I was never able to see anyway. A trip to this dealer is 200 miles away from my location so I never followed up with them."

2002 Mazda Protege Used Cars in Boerne, TX 78006

Precio: Negociable

Millaje: 0

Ubicación: Boerne, TX 78006

Tiempo promedio en el mercado: 14 días Certificado de Segunda Mano: No Descripción: 2002 Mazda Protege usado de venta , 0 millas
Concesionario: (16 evaluaciones) "This review is my opinion. My honest review is written with no malicious intent. Just to inform other consumers of my experience. Proof can be provided. I first went to their dealership on January 13th to look at a used Buick Lucerne after seeing it on Bob responded to my request for information. Set up a test drive on the 13th with Bob. He had told me on the phone the car had a navigation system, which it did not. It was not a big deal to me. I know he can not know the details about every car on the lot. But after telling him that there was cigarette burns on the floor, he told me it was a non-smoker car. I left after a little pressure from him and Mark to buy right then. I told them I wanted to look at a couple of other cars before making a choice. Out of respect, I told him I would let him know what I found out. I emailed him and told him I was able to get a similar car, a year older for $2000 less in Seguin. Payment about $100 less. He calls me back the next day saying the dealership was lying. They didn't even run my credit, which I found odd. When I emailed him, I was holding in my hand the bank information. He said he ran my credit again to check. I don't know if that is even legal or common practice in the industry. But it was shocking to me that he could and would do that. My wife did not like the color of the one I had found in Seguin, so I decided I would go up to their dealership to get the Lucerne on their lot, but by pass Bob and try to get the price somewhere close to the other Lucerne. Test drove it again. On the second test drive, I noticed a popping in the engine compartment on acceleration. He had the used car service department look at it and said nothing could be found. I had told him the price I wanted to pay was $9200 because of the front end damage and cigarette burns. That was also what my bank said they would give for it. Being on disability, I couldn't afford more. Enter Brian. Finance Manager. He came and said that my bank required extra information and wouldn't go through for some reason. I think he said because I was on disability. But he had found a better rate and deal. This is after my bank approved my loan and told me to go shopping. He told me the price of the car would be $9500 and the bank required that I bought a $1400 warranty. There was also a price showing on the contract $11900. Brian told me that was from taxes and title etc. So I was fine with that. Four days later I had to call Brian to get the lender information as he had only given me the warranty information. He never returned my calls. Just mailed my contract. I called the lender to verify what Brian had said about the warranty. The guy with the lender laughed at me and said "buyer beware". It wasn't true. Obviously I was upset about Brian lying to me. Then going over the contract further, noticed he lied about the total sale price as well. Then the same day, I receive a call from my bank checking to see if everything was going well with car shopping. I told them what Brian had said. They said Brian lied about that too. I really don't know how that can be allowed. It is no different than stealing from someone. Theft by deception. So I call Fry the Finance Director to try to get to the bottom of the situation. After calling Fry five times in three days, I decided to drive out to Boerne again since Fry didn't seem to want to answer any voicemail, He actually did return my calls as I was heading out there. I sat with him and told him the situation. We cancelled the warranty Brian lied about. He also claimed he would "talk" to Brian about the situation. At this point I really don't believe he did. Feeling like this is probably common with dealerships to try to lie and steal from customers. Realizing car salesmen have a bad reputation for a reason. Also realizing finance guys are liars too. It is 100% my fault for not making sure I understood the contract, instead of trusting what Brian said. I do find it odd, their cameras do not pick up sound. Maybe, because there would be recorded proof of lying. While out there, Carolyn did opt to have the popping situation fixed. Which was a motor mount. And it is still popping. I had told the salesman I wouldn't buy the car until it was fixed. But was misled on that too. I later found out from David, they never fully checked it for my concern. They just checked for safety issues. Had it been diagnosed or known I was paying $10500 plus a $1400 garbage warranty, I would have never signed the contract. Especially when I could've purchased the same car $2000 cheaper in Seguin. But that just may be how the car sales industry operates. Zero integrity. Smoke and Mirrors. Trying to get this whole thing resolved, I went out to speak the GM Shawn (owners son) and was deflected. I was introduced to Chris (owners son-in law). He has to be one of the most smug, arrogant, condescending people I have met. Couldn't hardly stand a five minute conversation with him. He did tell me I could trade in or sell the car back to the dealership at around $8000. Why should I have to lose $2500 because Brian lied? I didn't do anything wrong except trust Brian. I know in their industry these sort of tactics are commended in the name of profit. Probably hi-fiving each other for every misleading deal. But every trip out is more informative of the amount of integrity located in their facility. Zero. I was lied to several times by Brian and Bob in this transaction. I have given their dealership several chances to correct the wrong, only to be approached with arrogance, zero integrity, zero accountability. When confronted with the news they would receive a bad review, I was offered $500 to sign a hold harmless agreement. Honesty and integrity are worth far more. When I refused, Shawn, the owners son, threatened me if I wrote a bad review. I couldn't stand myself not warning other consumers about my experience with their dealership. I really couldn't believe in the great state of Texas, I could be sued for speaking the truth. I realized on this transaction, family owned business doesn't mean they will treat you like family. GM (Shawn)is the owners son. General Sales Manager is the son-in-law(Chris). This family owned business seems to be operated on nepotism, affluenza, arrogance, lies, and greed. I guess not much different than other dealerships. Your customer service responses seem copied and pasted. Your "good" reviews are seemingly fabricated and disingenuous. Any other consumer, proceed with caution. It's your choice on where you shop. Speaks volumes for a dealership when they have to have a full-time employee just to handle complaints."
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