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98 Bmw Z3 And The Alarm Has Stopped Working

Hi I have a 98 bmw z3 and the alarm has stopped working, the led on the dash is continually flashing and there is a beeping noise from the box under the hood, so I turned the immobiser off and back on...

1,691 views with 3 answers (last answer 6 years ago)

Saturn 5 Speed

tranny is noisy cant seem to find a dipstick . Iheard this year did not have one. where do i check oil and what type do i put in thanks chuck

3,081 views with 14 answers (last answer 2 years ago)
Chris Burns

I Saw An Ghostbuster Ecto-1a Replica For Sale. Would You Own One?

I saw an Ecto-1A for sale on the Dupont Registry webpage. They wanted $230,000 for it. I wouldn't pay that much for it, but it was really cool. What are your opinions?

109 views with 1 answer (last answer 6 years ago)

What Is Everyone's Dream Cougar , And Why ? I'm Refering To Mercury Cougar...

The Mercury Cougars were Upgraded Ford Mustangs in essence . What set them apart was mostly options that you couldn't get in a Mustang . Like for instance , Power Moon Roof , 427 Sideoiler Engines, L...

3,369 views with 4 answers (last answer 6 years ago)
Frank Sleder


Does anyone know how safe the 79 or 80 corollas are compared to other cars of the time, and to today or where i can find safety info

66 views with 2 answers (last answer 6 years ago)

1981 Honda Civic Timing Belt Cover

I have a 1981 Honda civic with a 1500 EM1 eng that I am rebuilding. I have all the part wit exception of the timing belt cover can anyone help me acquire this part. I have tried several Honda dealers ...

293 views with 1 answer (last answer 4 years ago)
Mohaimen Kaisar


i have a 2007 camry itz a manual transmission... how do i give a burnout with this?? my friend has a avalon xls 2004 auto transmission... how do i give a burnout???

652 views with 21 answers (last answer about a year ago)

Hyundai Accent 'check Engine' Light... Suspecting Foul Play From Mechanic

Hello, I have a 2003 accent and recently had it serviced at my local auto repair center. Immediately after I got it back from the shop I noticed that the engine fan takes about 30 seconds to stop afte...

3,958 views with 1 answer (last answer 6 years ago)
Heather Lenathen

Motor Problems!! Help!!

Motor went out of my 96 grand am..was wondering if only that year of motor can go into car or can we put one in from say a "95 or " 97?? Transmission is fine just need to replace motor is a 3.1....

362 views with 16 answers (last answer 2 years ago)

Low Gas Mileage

Most of my driving is short distance, stop & go, and I am seeing that sometimes the engine doesn't shut down when I am stopped. I'm also seeing mileage as low as 33, perhaps due to that. Just a shor...

2,586 views with 7 answers (last answer 6 years ago)

Audi 1993 100s Telephone Input Feature

How works the telephone input? is it like a free hands system? can it be used for cellular phones? is it necessary to get a special cable? Thank you!!

203 views with 1 answer (last answer 6 years ago)
Rusty Eric


i got a kinda beet up 94 caravan it had a few dents here and there but i wanna know what cac i do to make it kinda a street rod and fast

144 views with 12 answers (last answer 6 years ago)
Michelle Durfee

Aftermarket Parts

Where is there a great place to buy aftermarkets parts for the 07 GTI. For example rims, sound systems etc.

285 views with 3 answers (last answer 6 years ago)

What Are All The Parts Necessary To Install A/c In 1990 Civic Hb?

I don't have a condenser coil and don't know if the pump works, so I want to replace everything. I'd like a parts list so I can price out parts and look for some one to install or do myself. if anyon...

437 views with 1 answer (last answer 6 years ago)
Amy Cates

Induction Kits!

Hay guys! I got a Toyota MR-S, has anyone got the same car or a MR-2 Roadster? I'm looking to put an induction kit on it, but having some problems!!!...obviously! I can't find one with space for the a...

297 views with 6 answers (last answer 6 years ago)
Spencer Stewart

Whats My Top Speed?

ive gotten it up to 150+ but i ran out of road and that was only just past 4,000 rpm's...any one know how fast it will go b/c i dont really feel like trying to find out again. no what i mean? lol

374 views with 18 answers (last answer about a year ago)
Brandn Kleine

05 Gli

What would be the best aftermarket parts to put on a GLI for best looks and performance?? I have HIDs and its chipped, but what else

153 views with 3 answers (last answer 6 years ago)

Lt1 Motor Into 68 Chevelle Coupe

I need to know about the water flow into the 68 raditor. Do I use the same raditor and relocate where the input and output of the motor is on the 68 radiator or do I need to find a radiator that will...

464 views with 3 answers (last answer 6 years ago)
Chris Burns

What Is Your Favorite Movie Car?

1,372 views with 36 answers (last answer about a year ago)
Bruno Fullum


I can't see the pictures of the Car IQ quiz, why?

47 views with 3 answers (last answer 6 years ago)

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