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Joseph Anthony Gahol

Enter Your Question Or Topicis It A Miracle Or Can Science Explain It?

i raced a friend on the freeway and beat him by 3.164 seconds difference...he's got EXACTLY the same mods and engine on his civic as i do...(also the same civic trim and AT transmission coz we have th...

25 views with 2 answers (last answer 5 years ago)
Joseph Anthony Gahol

Goodbye Turbo Kit!

planning to remove turbo kit and switch to all-motor..150+ bhp with turbo kit and it'll drop down to 127 bhp...replacing cams, spark plugs and hi tension wires...also planning to purchase new brakes.....

195 views with 7 answers (last answer 5 years ago)

Tow Capacity?

What is the towing capacity for this SUV?

861 views with 2 answers (last answer 2 years ago)

Check Engine Light

My check engine light is on. I am getting a P 0403 fault code. Does any one know what that means? Where can I get a list of what the fault codes mean? I pulled the negative off the battery and the ...

2,158 views with 4 answers (last answer 8 months ago)

What Could Be The Cause Of The Transfer Case Changing Modes By Itself?

The dash control physicaly stays in 2WD mode but the indicator lamp and the transfer case moves to Auto mode or 4WD mode. This happens only after using a different mode such as 4WD. After a while (wee...

161 views with 4 answers (last answer 4 years ago)
Joseph Kelly

Running At Speeds

Hi My astra has just been serviced in april but on running it at low speeds it does a lot of chugging and runs crap am not getting the full mpg that i should be getting a matter of fact am now only g...

97 views with 3 answers (last answer 4 years ago)

Smoke After Idle

I just bought a 07 speed6 and have driven it 2000 miles[total miles now 16500]. After ideling I sometimes get oil smoke for the first few seconds after take off. The amount varies, it is sometimes rat...

959 views with 4 answers (last answer 4 years ago)

I Need A Battery Wiring Diagram For A 97 Chevy Cavalier

i just need the diagram of the battery wiring system for a 97 chevy cavalier 2.2 L

16,840 views with 1 answer (last answer 5 years ago)
Jason Cook

Fuel Pump

my cars a ford xr3i cab, i rescently came back from a week end away, parked up stopped the engine, tryed to start it a gain it just turned over, i think its the fuel pump, ive checked the fuel filter ...

159 views with 1 answer (last answer 5 years ago)


my car is always throwing out black smoke out of the muffler where might the problem be at

89 views with 1 answer (last answer 3 years ago)

Stops Running After Car Warms Up

I seem to have a problemm that after I start car and take off after a few miles it will start to stall and go dead and will act like it wants to start back up but will not untill it cools back down ( ...

858 views with 4 answers (last answer 10 months ago)

2007 New Shape Allion A15 Accleration Problem

i bought the car reconditioned from japan around millage 34000km 6 month back,i am felling my car accelerating very slow than any other allion of the same model i am very much upset about the situatio...

1,331 views with 5 answers (last answer 4 years ago)
Mohammed Aboo

Opel Corsa 1.3

Hi i got an opel corsa 1.3 could anyone gime advise on how i can make her run better and how far can i push the motor?

205 views with 3 answers (last answer 2 years ago)
Gian Martínez Claverol

I Have A Ford Explorer '99 And There's A Squeaking Sound Coming From The Fr...

The squeak is made whenever i take a speed bump, a turn or just a hole on the street. It's pretty annoying.

2,045 views with 16 answers (last answer 6 days ago)
Brandon Watkins

How Do I Make My Truck Sound Better?

its got a V6 and i know a little 6 banger wont ever sound as good as a v8 but ive got flowmasters on there... and i like the rumble i just wish it was louder... is there any other exhast system that c...

270 views with 2 answers (last answer 4 years ago)


Can regular gas be used?

709 views with 3 answers (last answer 5 years ago)

Have A 1994 Mercury Capri, Timing Belt Broke. Have Replaced Belt, But Now ...

Could valves be damaged? Lined up marks on cams and crank. Car starts and idles just fine. Was going about 55 when belt broke. From what I've heard this isn't an interference engine. Thanks for any he...

1,091 views with 2 answers (last answer 4 years ago)
Brian Picente

Suspension Bushing Problem?

I have 17000 miles on my car and a knocking sound is occuring when i hit a large bump in the road coming from the front suspension. I have a friend who had the same problem and said the bushing wore o...

5,059 views with 5 answers (last answer 3 years ago)
Nathan Hdk

Which Is An Overall Better Car? A Lotus Or A Supra.

38 views with 6 answers (last answer 5 years ago)
Firas Rahima

Do You Have New Cars

18 views with 1 answer (last answer 5 years ago)

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