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Wheels And Tires

Can one install 13" wheels and tires or will this cause the wheel bearings to wear out?

539 views with 5 answers (last answer 2 years ago)
George Mooney Jr

Torque Specs

what is the torque specs for a 3.3l 200 6cyl in a 1970 ford maverick more spacificaly the rod bearings torque specs

854 views with 1 answer (last answer 3 years ago)

Is It Possible To Replace The Stereo And Navi?

Does anyone have any experience with replacing the stereo and navigation unit on a 2008 turbo? I'd like to be able to put it back to stock in a few years. Don't want to ruin the dash getting the origi...

954 views with 2 answers (last answer 3 years ago)

How Many Keys Opened 1950s Plymouths And Chevys?

On two occasions I was able to open cars with a key other than my own. Was that common? How many key combinations were there. I'm writing about my old cars and any clues will be helpful. Thanks.

82 views with 2 answers (last answer 3 years ago)

Replacement Engine For Chevrolet Optra

Hi there all. The timing belt on my Optra snapped, bent the valves and damaged one of the pistons. With me living in South Africa, there are not many Chev Optras around, so none of the scrapyards ha...

928 views with 2 answers (last answer 3 years ago)

Looking For Repair Manual (ie. Hayes, Chilton, Ect) For 2006 Jetta Tdi

Looking for Repair manual for my new (to me) jetta. Had haynes repair manual for my old saturn and could always fix whatever was wrong. Not looking to spend alot but no auto parts store or bookstore ...

1,604 views with 4 answers (last answer 10 months ago)

Why Does My 97 Cavalier 2.2 Runs Cold ? Changed The Stat And Water Pump.

I lost the heat from the dash board heat while the gauge went 3/4 to hot. then kept driving one more mile and the heat came back and the gauge dropped back to normal. It did this for a week and then i...

954 views with 7 answers (last answer 3 years ago)
Michael Bell

Stalls After Refuel

I Have A Ford Explorer 2002 4.0 Runs Fine For About An Hour After Getting Gas And Then Will Stall And After Sitting For About An Hour It Runs Fine. Dose This Sound Like The Fuel Strainer Is Clogging( ...

531 views with 5 answers (last answer 2 years ago)
Kyler Goss

59' F-100

looking at a 59 ford f-100, 460 ci, camed, headers, 750cfm dubble pumper, c6 tranz, shift kit, lockers front and rear, frames been braced and boxed. the guys asking $2800.00 does it sound like a good ...

88 views with 2 answers (last answer 3 years ago)

2010 Gmc Sierra Crew Cab 4x4 Z71 - Low Oil Pressure

Is it normal for this sierra to run 39% oil pressure on the highway on cruise control and at times 20% percent on idle in the city? Doesn't that seem too low? I took it to the dealership and they sa...

1,301 views with 3 answers (last answer 3 years ago)

Will A 5 Speed Transmission Fit In My Colt?

i have a 1991 dodge colt, it has a 1.5 liter engine and bolted to it is a 4 speed man. transmission. my transmission bit the dust last week and i was wondering if i could replace it with a 5 speed ma...

382 views with 3 answers (last answer 3 years ago)

My 2002 Chrysler Key Wont Turn And Everything Is Locked What Should I Do?

My car keys wont turn at all and I dont know what the problem is. I tried everything but the key wont turn, the wheel is lock the car is locked please help

1,350 views with 1 answer (last answer 3 years ago)
Barry Pollard

Abs Sensor Fault

i have a 2000 2.0l coupe which keeps on saying ABS Fault, then Brake Fault. i assume one of the sensors is faulty, but which one? i cant get them off cause its a stupid torx screw and they are well se...

658 views with 2 answers (last answer 9 months ago)

Mil Is On And Is A Ghost Code ? What The Hell?

check engine light is on and there is no code ? this is all to confusing? all harness and plugs all intact and still it dosent read anything as if there is a short behind the light itself triggering t...

742 views with 1 answer (last answer 3 years ago)

Why Is My Engine Idling At 3000rpm When Started

my 4runner is idling @ 3000rpm when started and it wont stop even when trying to rev it,could this have something to do with the throttle position sensor

208 views with 2 answers (last answer 2 months ago)
Randy Foor

I Like How The Dodge Power Wagons Were Made In The 40's All The Way Through...

why should i use this app that takes personal info from my facebook and use it when I cant even find my right car.Unless im looking in the wrong spot?!? I own a: 1979 Dodge Power Wagon W200

290 views with 1 answer (last answer 3 years ago)

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