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University Service Center

2405 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92104 - Map & Directions

Service: (619) 299-5812

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madashell writes:
University Service Center Review
Customer Service:

Beware They Will Rip You Off! — My power steering went out on my car, so I had it towed to this shop. Bob said my rack and pinion and power steering pump were leaking and bad. They said it would cost 1800 for the rack and pinion and 690 for the pump from the dealer but they could get the parts from their parts guy for half the price. I was called Thursday afternoon to pick up my car. I went down there and they charged me 1490 plus tax for my car then I asked for my military discount and they took off the tax and charged my 1490. As I was driving away my steering wheel was turned a quarter turn to the right. I took it back and they told me that I had to go pay for it to be realigned. So, I took the car home and this morning it was still leaking from under my car. My coworkers told me this was wrong so I called my credit card company to put a claim in against the payment and they told me to go get a second estimate. I went to Pacific Nissan and they got under my car and told me they put junk yard parts on my car and the only reason they know that is because they have a yellow strip on them. This repair shop lied about the parts they were using, didn't complete the required maintenance and told me this car was safe for me and my 4 children to ride in. This is wrong and inexcusable.

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