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May 16, 2013
tried to help but they lost intrest when i din't want a higher priced veh
May 8, 2013
A dealer needs to do a lot of work to successfully sell a car over the internet. And Ben at can tell you exactly how it is done. I live in San Jose, CA and we we had been shopping for an 05 or 06 Jag XJ8L. We found plenty out there but our requirements were pretty detailed, particularly since this is an "extra" car. We contacted several dealers and most were accommodating but good photography on the website and excellent communication won the day. Ultimately, after a ton of questions from me and great information back from Ben, I flew to Dallas arriving at 5pm. Ben picked me up at the airport and gave me plenty of time to look over the car to make a final decision. Because Ben's information was honest and accurate and his dealing more than fair, I drove that car home (1,794 miles) and had no problems whatsoever. Bad car dealers are plentiful, good ones harder to find but great ones are the rarest of all and Ben is a great one!

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